Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Beyond Initial Term. For all non-perpetual, or subscription, license arrangements, the FileWave software, along with any updates and support, will be provided to Customer for the initial term. Should Customer choose to continue using FileWave beyond the initial term, an additional annual support fee will be required. For all perpetual license arrangements, Customer will permanently own and have access to all licenses purchased. An annual support fee will be required if Customer elects to have FileWave support access or to receive updates to the software. Customer will be contacted, in writing, 90 days prior to the last day of the active term. Customer will then have the opportunity to renew the support arrangement for another year, or notify Developer of cancellation of support upon completion of the active term. If Customer chooses to forego the annual support fee, access to FileWave support and updates to the software will be restricted upon the conclusion of the active support term.

Payment Terms. Any fees charged are due and payable within thirty (30) days (unless otherwise stated) of invoicing by Developer, irrespective of any dispute or disagreement between Developer and Customer, whatever its nature or origin. Developer has the right to suspend support if Customer fails to meet any of its obligations under these payment terms. Any late payments will bear interest at one percent (1%) per month and Customer agrees to pay all costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees.

Additional Licenses. If Customer licenses additional software or increases the number of users for software (each, a “License Increase”), the Support Fee for the License Increase is payable at the time the applicable license fee is payable and Developer will provide support for the License Increase for the duration of the term. The Support Fee for a License Increase shall be based on the current Support Fee for Customer’s active licenses.


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