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Layered Management

Well-Managed Devices are More Secure

MANAGED: It’s the devices you don’t know about that pose the greatest risk

Even if you don’t know what you have, you’re accountable. Through network discovery, FileWave can show you what’s out there, identify non-compliant systems, and help you remediate issues with devices, applications, and settings.

With multi-platform management from a single platform, you can get control of unmanaged devices that are exposing your network to security threats.

PATCHED: It’s not about the patches, it’s about the holes

At least 60% of data breaches are linked to unpatched vulnerabilities. The need to manage vulnerabilities for both applications and operating systems across a complex device landscape makes patch management seem nearly impossible.

FileWave makes it easy to identify unpatched systems, and target patches for deployment to those systems – Mac and Windows. FileWave simplifies complex patch management deployments with minimal impact to network load.

COMPLIANT: Self-healing keeps critical security layers intact

Putting security tools out there is only half the battle. You have to keep them where they belong, and configured correctly, or you might as well not have them at all.

Apply self-healing capabilities to your critical security layers, including anti-malware applications and VPN clients. Automatically detect, repair, and reinstall missing or corrupted applications or updates which have been removed or altered accidentally or maliciously.