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Technical Assurance Program

At FileWave, we understand the complexities of managing endpoints in ever-changing environments. More and more devices of varying types/Operating Systems keep coming into environments and staffs tend to stay the same...or even worse, decrease in size! The project lists keep getting longer, the delivery windows shorter.

Perhaps this is where the FileWave Professional Services team can lend a hand? The FileWave Technical Assurance Program is a great way to supplement your staff, both in terms of time and FileWave expertise. Our team of highly talented professional engineers excels at helping to organize chaos, execute plans, and solve the day to day issues that confound many an operational staff.  

The Technical Assurance Program is a program designed to assist in your environments as if the FileWave Professional Services Engineer was a part of your staff.

Getting Started

You commit to a certain number of services hours (40 hours minimum annually) in advance. With your commitment, you will be assigned a dedicated Professional Services Engineer who will work with you over time to understand your environment, provide best practice guidance in the use of FileWave, and in general act as a member of your staff within the defined guidelines and hours available.

How it Works

James manages IT operations for a publishing house, and like every IT shop his resources are very limited. James’ staff is currently deploying 500 new laptops to employees throughout the company and have very little time to accomplish any of the other objectives for the current project cycle. And, although those laptops have to get deployed, a major upgrade of the in-house publishing system also has to be deployed in a timely and seamless manner; many of his current FileWave filesets need to be upgraded to the most current versions; and he needs configuration profiles built for the newly planned VPN solution. This is where James might reach out to FileWave Professional Services...the Technical assurance program is a great fit!

What You Get

With the commitment to a longer-term PS engagement, the services engineer is not only able to help with the short term goals but also has the ability to learn about your environment and be able to lend a hand wherever necessary. All this without having to spend the time defining strict statements of work. The engineer is simply available to you to employ within the number of hours available (some degree of schedule coordination is of course necessary).

Assigned Professional Services Engineer
Each of our engineers will work with multiple customers, but a primary engineer is assigned to each customer, with backup available should the need arise, or areas of expertise demand it.

Advanced FileWave Expertise
Our engineers are the best of the best - each having multiple years of FileWave experience and can quickly come up with a solution to your needs.

Staff Augmentation
Simply don’t have enough people or enough time to get the job done? Let us lend a temporary hand to get that much-needed task/project accomplished with little fuss.

Maybe you have some new members of staff who aren’t well versed in FileWave yet, and you need them to come up to speed and to be taught by someone who knows your environment well.

Best Practices
Ever wondered if you were doing things in the most efficient manner with FileWave? Our engineers not only have the product knowledge to help you, but also have the experience of continuing to work with other customers and gleaning from them many industry-specific tips and tricks.