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Some say that a blank canvas is a masterpiece in waiting. Others might say the same blank canvas is nothing at all. Well, we in IT don’t typically have the luxury of it being either...timeliness in IT almost always dictates that we need it done well, and done now.

Implementation of FileWave is something like this. You buy the product and we give you all the brushes and paints through documentation and training materials, but sometimes you may not want to paint that masterpiece yourself. You want the implementation done...effectively, quickly, and seamlessly, but perhaps without the learning curve that comes from going it alone.

Enter FileWave Implementation/Migration Services. Our team of highly knowledgeable Professional Services Engineers have been through hundreds of implementations/migrations and performed countless FileWave trainings. Let our team help your team get started with the best endpoint management tool available!

Our Implementation and Migration Services come in a variety of sizes and flavors based on your needs/budget, but they can include:


Proper architecture of your FileWave implementation is critical. Our team of engineers has seen every industry and environment and can advise you on the best possible architecture, and the best paths to success.


Getting your staff up to speed on FileWave is paramount for leveraging this incredible toolset, with a combination of pre-recorded materials, online collaboration, and potentially onsite training our engineers can get your team up to speed in no time.

A Helping Hand

Sometimes a helping hand is all it takes. Should I organize my devices by static groups and assign Filesets to those groups? Or, is dynamic allocation of Filesets through the use of smart groups and custom fields more appropriate?

The answers to the above are the kind of guidance you can expect from our team of experienced engineers. Every environment and workflow is different, but through consultation with the team we can steer you quickly and efficiently.

Professional Services Migration

Moving from another endpoint management and/or MDM solution? Our team can help you establish the most efficient workflows for migration.

Best Practices

Nothing is more helpful than avoiding mistakes through the experience of someone who has been there before. What do you mean I shouldn’t put all of my restrictions into one configuration profile? Why shouldn’t I edit a currently associated Fileset directly? Why can change control processes be so helpful?

Want the knowledge of experience without the pain of the mistakes? Let our team help you do it well - the first time!