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Health Check & Optimization

FileWave is a terrific tool and can be used to build truly complex and intricate workflows and environments. But sometimes, this complexity and intricacy can itself be problematic.


Our team of unrivaled engineers are able to analyze any FileWave environment, no matter how complex and perform services such as:

  • Provide specific feedback about optimizations to server hardware and configurations
  • Document Fileset use and assignation (including untangling nested and complex associations)
  • Provide reporting on unused Filesets and improperly created associations
  • Analyze Filesets themselves for inefficient, impractical, or incorrect content
  • Develop, document or refine specific workflows for your environment
  • Recommend alternative methods of organization
  • Generally analyze current processes for potential improvements
  • Perform log analysis looking for anomalies or areas for concern
  • And much, much more

How it Works

Duxworth District Schools is a long-time FileWave customer, and have used the tool very creatively over the past ten years. In fact, Susan Kindly, their previous head of IT, built incredible workflows in FileWave and spoke often in an advisory capacity at FileWave Alliance events over the years.

Unfortunately for Duxworth, Susan has moved to another state and taken her vast experience with her. And, although she was certainly technical and talented, she was somewhat lacking in the department of documentation. For Hugh Lloyd, the newly hired Director of IT, he now finds himself in the unenviable position of following Susan’s brilliance with a total lack of understanding of FileWave, or the workflows that Susan built. All of this leaves Hugh paralyzed with fear to use FileWave at all, and the organization is suffering for it.

The health check and optimization package, coupled with excellent FileWave training services, will no doubt have Hugh not only functioning, but thriving in his new role! How could this service help in your environment? Let’s have a discussion, and find out together, shall we?