Make IT easy for end users by empowering them to install pre-approved apps and software. Avoid complications that stem from unmanaged, incompatible software installed by users.

IT departments can’t predict every application their users will need, and loading all applications on every user’s device isn’t cost-effective, feasible, or advised. Not to mention, IT is busy and can’t always be reached in time for on-demand deployments. FileWave delivers the smart management solutions needed to make pre-approved applications, documents, and other resources available to end users via our customizable self-service kiosk.

Empower end user productivity via self-service IT solutions with FileWave. Our Self-Service Kiosk makes user-driven installations simple and compliant.

FileWave’s Self-Service Kiosk, for computers and mobile devices, makes IT the easiest way for users to get the apps and software they need. IT teams can vet apps in advance, configure them as needed to comply with company standards, and publish them in the portal to be installed by users as needed. Even better: Admin rights aren’t required for user-driven downloads from the FileWave Kiosk, streamlining the process while maintaining security.

Pre-Approved Software

Control what users can install by pre-approving and configuring software that aligns with organizational security standards.

Customize Interface

The FileWave Self-Service Kiosk can be customized to your organization’s brand, delivering a seamless and trustworthy experience for users.

Group Permissions

Control who installs what software based on user Smart Groups to ensure licenses aren’t being wasted.

Reduce Tickets

Reduce avoidable help desk support tickets by training your users to go to the Kiosk for needed software installation.

Support productivity via user-driven solutions. Self-service IT installations, downloads, and more make it easy.

For IT teams, reducing friction for end users is the goal. Time consuming processes to request software installations, troubleshoot issues, and get back to productive work are a problem of the past. Empowering end users with intelligent IT solutions is the future. Companies prepared for growth embrace intelligence by relying on tools like FileWave Self-Service Kiosk to reduce help desk tickets, accelerate resolutions, and maximize end user productivity. 

For schools, the Self-Service solutions in FileWave become a powerful learning enabler for students and educators. Teachers can upload specific software, docs, videos, and other assets for on demand access to their students in specific courses. Students can install needed software on demand without needing to wait for IT’s assistance. Finally, the cost savings from reducing the volume of unused licenses can create a boon for IT department budgets, all thanks to FileWave.

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