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Founded in 2007 by the merger of four independent colleges, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is one of Switzerland’s largest and most productive universities. With over 9700 students, it has both a national and international presence. ZHAW students are enrolled in 26 Bachelors and 13 Masters degree programs, including civil engineering, architecture, life sciences, management and law. ZHAW distinguishes itself by being a resource that provides business and industry with customized services.

The IT staff was faced with the challenge of 9700 students working with campus computers as well as bringing in a variety of their own MDM (mobile device management) devices. They needed a simple and flexible solution to manage their image and deploy software. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the university replaces computers on a cycle of every three years. It was imperative that the final solution would be able to work on a limited basis now, and expand and evolve as all the computers were updated and MDM devices are added to network.

“Our end-users are fascinated by the Kiosk, it’s so easy for them to pull down the applications they need .”

- Mathias Toth, ZHAW IT Manager

Mathias Toth, ZHAW’s IT Manager, asked the Apple Representative for suggestions to make their software deployment and image management easier and more flexible. His representative enthusiastically replied “FileWave”. Today, ZHAW is ready to begin their FileWave implementation. FileWave will allow ZHAW to deploy 30-50 different applications, updates, printer drivers and configuration filesets to their new computers, the first third of the ZHAW network being replaced. At the end of the three-year cycle, FileWave will manage all of ZHAW’s computers and devices.

Before discovering FileWave, ZHAW updated their image for student curriculum every six months with a complex deployment software. They found it to be inflexible and cumbersome to update the images and manually set up the computers, not to mention the variety of student-owned devices. FileWave offered an alternative management solution. FileWave was easier to work with, provided quicker deployment and had the capability to be updated at any time. Toth found the FileWave iOS management easy to integrate into their environment.

IT Manager, Mathias Toth, is encouraged by the response he has received to FileWave’s Kiosk, which enables end-users to pull down specific applications themselves, when they need them. “Students are fascinated by the Kiosk,” said Toth, “they love that it is so easy to get the software they need. And I don’t need to send out cumbersome instruction manuals to install applications - no one read them anyway. And there’s no need to give Admin Rights to end-users.” When the end-users are tech-savvy students, it’s important to have a management system that stays up-to-date and can be flexible to meet the growing needs of future technology. The fact that students can interact with and be a part of the solution. That’s a real plus.

FileWave’s customer service and tech support has impressed Toth. “I get a fast reaction every time I reach out to FileWave, that’s unusual. They always give good advice...their representatives remember everything we discuss and send out information as promised.”

With the ease and flexibility that he has experienced with his FileWave trial run, Mathias is looking forward to the completion of the three-year replacement cycle and the entire campus will be run with FileWave, making his job much easier.

FileWave Solutions Summary

Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW), Switzerland

  • FileWave made image deployment simple and flexible, ready to update at any time.
  • At the completion of their three year cycle, the ZHAW Campus computer and MDM network will be managed by FileWave.
  • The FileWave Kiosk fits perfectly into ZHAW’s management solution, allowing students to pull down the software they need.

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