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Tianjin International School

Seamless Integration

The Tianjin International School (TIS) is located in Tianjin, China and serves children in Early Childhood through high school. For over 25 years TIS has taught students on their beautiful campus that boasts 75 modern classrooms, 5 fully-equipped science laboratories, 2 libraries, a full performing arts center, state-of-the art auditorium, full size gymnasium, tennis courts, playgrounds, an outdoor classroom and more. The school prides itself on preparing international students in a 21st century learning environment.

The Tianjin International School faced a unique challenge when confronted with managing the nearly 500 Mac computers at their institution. With 437 students relying on these computers for their daily instructional needs, deployment of appropriate software, updates,and bug fixes had to be executed seamlessly – without interrupting the students.

"End users no longer need to tax our bandwith by downloading software from the Internet. They can simply get it from the Kiosk, and they love that.”

- Matt Lee, IT Support Manager at Tianjin International School

With weekly software deployments TIS needed a solution that was Mac compatible, self-hosted, and could integrate with their existing systems and infrastructure. After researching various options, FileWave quickly became a top contender in the search for a systems management solution. Several FileWave features stood out as being unique and integral to their institution’s technology plan such as full lifecycle support, file level distribution, tiered administration, low network overhead, a highly scalable infrastructure, and managed distribution support.

Other features were also strong deciding factors when choosing a solution, such as FileWave’s self-service Kiosk that allows end-users to access adminapproved software on-demand. Ultimately, FileWave’s strong feature set and “exceptional” service were the reasons TIS chose FileWave to solve its management struggles.

Matt Lee, IT Support Manager at TIS, states that FileWave has helped TIS streamline software and OS deployment into an effi cient 20-minute process. “End users no longer need to tax our bandwidth by downloading software from the Internet. They can simply get it from the Kiosk, and they love that,” he explains.

Software deployment has been one of Tianjin International School’s most used features, fi nding it benefi cial to be able to deploy Microsoft Offi ce or the Adobe Suite to all users within a half hour. “[FileWave] reduces the time working on individual computers and allows me to send software/documents to users en masse and wirelessly,” states Lee. “I can update software with a click of a button rather than going to each user individually or passing around a USB to deploy software.”

Tianjin International School, China

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