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Ringier AG

Dynamic Functionality

Currently producing over 120 newspapers and magazines, Ringier AG is the largest internationally operating Swiss media company. In addition, Ringier has printing plants, radio and TV station and well over 80 web and mobile platforms.They employ a worldwide staff of approximately 8000 employees. With a 180-year history, Ringier AG is well-known for product excellence, journalistic quality and exceptional entertainment. This dynamic organization requires a device management solution that is both up-to-the-moment and committed to excellence. Their choice for a deployment and device management system is FileWave.

FileWave currently manages 500 Macs within Ringier AG’s Publishing and Content Management division and are looking at expanding their current FileWave implementation to include their 1100 Windows computers and iOS devices.

“With FileWave, we are seeing a 50% time savings when we install a complicated software like Adobe’s Creative Suite.”

- Martin Werren, Head of Publishing & Content Management

People who work in media know that the business of media is constantly changing. It is their business to anticipate the future of communication and technology, setting the pace for the rest of the population. Ringier AG needed a device management system that would not only meet their deployment and management needs now, but more importantly, share their dynamic vision of the future as they implement more client and iOS devices within their organization. They found the innovative solution they were looking for with FileWave.

Implementing FileWave to manage their software deployment and installation of more than 60 types of software on their 500 Macs was a smooth and simple process. “With FileWave, we are seeing a 50% time savings when we install a complicated software like Adobe’s Creative Suite” says Martin Werren, head of Publishing and Content Management at Ringier’s Publishing Division. “And if we need to make changes, we can do them at the file level. FileWave works in the background - users aren’t blocked, so they aren’t interrupted and they stay productive.”

Ringier AG had deployment software to manage their Windows computers, but they did not have a deployment tool for the Mac side of the business, until they discovered FileWave. Werren, and Silvano Oeschger, Ringier’s IT Business Engineer, like what they are seeing with their Macs and are looking at expanding their FileWave implementation to include their Windows and iOS. “We have a dynamic, constantly changing environment and FileWave works for us,“ said Werren. They are confident that FileWave is the right tool in the right place for their unique environment and requirements. With a company that deploys such a variety of software on a regular basis, confidence in the software management system is absolutely essential to getting the job done.

Safety and security during deployment is another concern to large, complex companies like Ringier AG. FileWave is a safe system that Werren and Oeschger can rely on and with service desk employees working with the software, it helps that it’s so easy to use.

Werren and Oeschger do not see their software deployments slowing down or decreasing in the future. “Other software does not allow us to keep pace the speed of changes and modifications. Customizations have to be done with another software and creating packages is complex. FileWave saves time by allowing us to make changes at the file level - modify, test and deploy...and it’s easy. With a two-day training, we’re able to work with FileWave at a high level.”

FileWave Solutions Summary

Ringier AG, Zurich, Switzerland

  • FileWave software deployment was a smooth and simple process.
  • With FileWave, they saw a 50% time savings when they deployed Adobe’s Creative Suite.
  • FileWave allowed them to make changes at the file level, so they could keep pace with modifications.

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