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Matthews International

Optimized IT For Global Organization

Matthews International is a global provider of brand solutions, memorialization products, and industrial technologies. Employing more than 11,000 people in 25 countries, the company regularly acquires businesses to enhance the portfolio.

A core nine-person desktop and service delivery team at Matthews International is supported by local IT teams and an outsourced service desk. The team maintains an approximate fleet of 6,000 Mac and Windows devices across all businesses.

With variable IT needs across business segments, individual businesses, and departments, the IT team needed an easy way to customize deployment and management to best serve each user group within the limitations of the local network. Matthews also needed a way to coordinate their globally distributed IT team to work together to support all employees, regardless of business lines.

“There is tremendous value to being able to easily move within a system that applies to more than one platform.”

- Dan DeRusha, Workstation Automation & Engineering

For limited IT staff in a complex, distributed organization, FileWave adds automation to device deployment and management, including DEP, on-boarding, self-service IT, and local testing support. In addition, by standardizing deployments and configurations across business lines, local IT staff can focus their time on value-add projects or providing cross-business support.

Global Endpoint Management Challenges

During a wave of acquisitions, Matthews International acquired Schawk, a production, pre-media, and print services company. The Schawk IT department moved upward into Matthews International, tasked with unifying endpoint management across all business units.

Dan DeRusha, who manages workstation automation and engineering at Matthews International, says that the choice to use FileWave helped simplify their jobs. “Once we looked at FileWave, we were able to eliminate many steps from our old workflow. FileWave handled things better.”

“A zero-touch workflow would not be possible without FileWave."

- Dan DeRusha, Workstation Automation & Engineering

Like many organizations, Matthews International built its support around each OS, with Windows and Mac engineers specializing in deployment and support for each platform. When Windows engineers found themselves continually pulled into support issues, the Mac team stepped up to mirror their success with Mac devices, building in greater automation to the Windows deployment. “It’s all the same thing, just slightly different acronyms,” DeRusha noted.

Leveraging the power of FileWave and open source software, Matthews International is transitioning to a Zero-Touch IT model for new computer purchases. “When we’re passing out a new workstation, it takes 15 minutes,” notes Dan, “Employees go to shake hands and take the tour, then come back to a fully configured device.” Every new Apple device goes through the Apple DEP enrollment process, managed by FileWave, which associates devices into a Booster deployment Smart Group.

FileWave Booster technology ensures that applications are installed even on highly distributed networks or unreliable connections. After connecting to the local Booster, device download the appropriate set of user software. Matthews has adopted a similar approach for new Windows devices, using a custom boot script questionnaire to automatically enroll them based on user responses. The result: an automated, customized, experience that is more effective for business.

FileWave provides Matthews International with a single framework to manage Apple and Windows devices together, leveraging common workflows across all devices. “A zero-touch workflow would not be possible without FileWave,” DeRusha says. “Without the customizable MDM, our workflows would not be possible.” With FileWave, DeRusha’s team can push out updates, enforce settings, and rely on self-healing to support business-critical applications.

High Volume Deployments in Low Bandwidth Settings

“We deal with low bandwidth locations with many clients,” DeRusha notes. “FileWave Booster technology is extremely important for us.” To support a highly mobile global team, the IT team developed a program that is pre-loaded onto every device that automatically connects to a local Booster, not the default Booster associated with each device, helping ensure that new downloads or updates continue to take place with respect to local bandwidth restrictions.

Loading all applications onto every device isn’t cost-effective or advised, particularly given the limitations of some local networks. Matthews International leverages the FileWave Self-Service Kiosk to provide pre-approved content to end users without admin rights.

Large-Scale Support

With over 6,000 devices, the global IT teams work closely to test configurations in local production environments, but administrative rights and deployment is rolled up to the Matthews International level, introducing consistency to devices and processes. Now, local IT personnel can provide cross-business support, helping optimize IT resources on a global scale.

“With FileWave, I feel like I understand what’s going on.”

- Dan DeRusha, Workstation Automation & Engineering

“If you can troubleshoot computers at your location, you can troubleshoot computers in any location in the same part of the business,” notes DeRusha. “We want to promote the kind of environment where techs are helping each other out.”

FileWave provides Matthews International with more control over devices, providing detailed information about all the devices deployed. Simple, flexible, and powerful queries allow DeRusha to create reports in real time, helping to prepare and execute software deployments, OS migrations, patch management, and other complex projects. “With FileWave, I feel like I understand what’s going on with the workstations and computers,” says DeRusha, “I’m not just being handed a report.” FileWave builds automation into reporting, providing at-a-glance information of critical systems and services and automated alert notifications.

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