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Kristin School

Mixed Platform Management

Kristin is an independent, co-educational school of approximately 1550 students from Kindergarten through year 13, and 300 staff, located in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. The Junior, Middle and Senior Schools are all situated on the same campus with state-of-the-art and award winning facilities. The School is renowned for its progressive approach to education, with all students from Year 4-13 taking part in an innovative school-wide BYOD digital learning program.

Jason MacDonald, Director of Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS), is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the technology team. Of the 3400 devices that Kristin has on campus, 1200 devices are using FileWave at any given time. With a mixed platform environment of Apple and Windows devices, Kristin supports approximately 100 filesets that are rapidly deployed as needed.

“FileWave is enabling us to deliver great solutions. Our customers and technical support teams are very happy with the quality solutions FileWave enables….because of that, we are very happy with FileWave.”

- Jason MacDonald, Director of Information and Communications Technology Services

In 2013, Kristin had an opportunity to introduce a new solution to improve software deployment reliability, increase device and application support, and facilitate customer-centric reporting. Due to the diversity of the school’s device management needs, it was imperative that a solution would compliment the technology being used and improve on systems previously in place. FileWave met these needs and exceeded expectations with its self-service kiosk capability, simple workflows, strong customer support, MDM (mobile device management) capabilities, and consistent, easy to use, end user experience on both Apple and Windows platforms. “Our use of FileWave has been successful. FileWave has been a key aspect of delivering an improved service experience,” states MacDonald.

Since launching FileWave, Kristin’s ICTS team has had a seamless transition to a full BYOD environment. Staff and students have everything from printer configurations, site licenses, educational applications, and common OSS software available through the FileWave kiosk, which MacDonald touts as one of the most beneficial Filewave features to their institution. In addition, the School’s technical staff have seen substantial time savings through their use of FileWave.

Why the Kristin School invested in FileWave

  • Ease of Use: The School required a product that delivered on performance and enabled simple workflows with advanced functionality.
  • MacOS and Windows Support: A consistent user experience and similar functionality across Apple and Microsoft platforms was required.
  • Mobile Device Capabilities: FileWave provided a path to MDM capability that was subsequently adopted.
  • Support: Training was organized to enable rapid product adoption and quick concept-to-use application capability. Following proof of concept, staff had questions answered quickly, which enabled quick implementation.
  • Self Service: They wanted the use of the FileWave Kiosk for app store capability to support expanding BYOD programs.

Kristin School, Auckland, New Zealand

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