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Jakarta International School

Many Devices, One Solution

Jakarta International School (JIS), located in the heart of Indonesia, offers a diverse school environment and has high expectations for teaching and learning. With 2500 students enrolled and over 250 faculty members, JIS represents over 60 nationalities among its community members.

Christina Devitt, Head of Technology at JIS, oversees the operation of 2000 Mac computers, and 1000 iOS devices, deploying approximately 75 different software titles. FileWave is used by all students and faculty in the school’s 1:1 program, and to manage shared iPads on carts in the middle and high schools, as well. Devitt asserts that FileWave has been critical to the implementation of their 1:1 program, as the 25 member tech team at JIS is able to seamlessly push apps and updates to devices, while maintaining a solid support to users.

“We find FileWave to be a critical tool to the success of our 1:1 laptop and iPad implementations. The product is full-featured, always improving, and customer support is excellent.”

- Christina Devitt, Head of Technology

Prior to selecting FileWave, Jakarta International School was faced with the problem of a sprawling campus, and numerous devices requiring regular updates. They relied on the IT team to use, as Devitt puts it, “sneaker-net”, to manually diagnose problems and update software. This method caused many end users to “fall through the cracks” and caused a great deal of wasted time and headaches, as those without administrative rights became frustrated. After switching to a 1:1 implementation, JIS decided they needed a robust system that could handle the scale of their deployment and the diversity of their software.

Jakarta International School began its search for a management solution that was easy to use, reliable, and cross-platform. Their IT staff reviewed several systems and mobile device management software options and “preferred the FileWave interface and approach.” FileWave was a natural fit and offered other key features such as file level distribution, tiered administration, self-service app deployment, low network overhead and a highly scalable infrastructure. FileWave offered a versatile, easy to use system that the Jakarta staff found to be “logical and easy to manage.”

Devitt states the Jakarta International School would struggle to keep systems current without FileWave. “It is essential to implementing our technology program and helps get management of devices out of the way so we can focus on learning!” she emphasizes. The IT staff is able to provide better support and reports quicker response time on issues. The introduction of FileWave has empowered end users, as well. Devitt reports that end users are now able to repair and install software, saving many hours of back and forth troubleshooting with the IT staff.

One of the great benefits of FileWave is the cost savings that occurs due to the customized application deployment and reporting of the software. The JIS technology team can target specific students for app and software deployments, based on need, and then buy a specific number of licenses. If a student leaves, those apps can be reused, saving the school money. The Jakarta International School attests that FileWave has lived up to its return on investment promises and has been essential in the execution of a seamless 1:1 initiative. “We find FileWave to be a critical tool to the success of our 1:1 laptop and iPad implementations,” emphasizes Devitt. “The product is full-featured, always improving, and customer support is excellent.”

Jakarta International School, Indonesia

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