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Hudl, a leading software company, is revolutionizing the way that over 4.3 million coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition with interactive stats and video editing tools. From youth organizations to professional franchises, Hudl is committed to providing the best products and hands-on support.

Hudl has grown exponentially since being founded in 2006. Through acquisitions and global market expansion, Hudl has grown from 300 employees in 2 offices to 1,200 employees in 14 global offices. Faced with the need to manage the growth of both employees and customers, the 6-person IT department at Hudl needed a new way to manage device deployments.

After acquisitions or during peak seasons, it is not uncommon for Hudl to need to roll out 15 or more new Mac devices per week. Managing these deployments by hand was slow work, with the need to encrypt and customize every device before it went out the door. “Manually managing all of these devices was horrible,” notes Reid Alt, Workstation Administrator at Hudl. “At the most, I could set up four devices per day. It was eating up a lot of time.” Hudl needed a scalable solution to manage device deployments and endpoint management, particularly as the organization looked to expand its global offices.

“In our peak seasons, we roll out up to 15 computers a week. With FileWave, we don’t have to worry about asset tracking, or security, or loss prevention. It’s all taken care of.”

-Reid Alt, Workstation Administrator

Hudl leverages FileWave for zero-touch deployment of new devices, setting up user profiles, encryption, and applications - no matter where in the world the device is unboxed. Knowing that FileWave is protecting devices and data from day one, Hudl’s IT team is able to refocus on value-driven initiatives.

In order to stay focused on a high level of customer and user support, Hudl’s IT team leverages Lean methodology to streamline its processes. As a part of that, the team sought a solution that would streamline the deployment of new devices. After researching their options, Hudl was attracted to the cost-effective, yet fully customizable features of FileWave that make rollout and endpoint management a breeze.

Hudl uses FileWave to manage Apple DEP, offering a completely zero-touch deployment of macOS and iOS devices. The IT team needs only to assign a DEP profile to the new device, which can be done remotely. The base operating systems and preferences are configured as part of the user’s out-of-box experience, whether that device is unboxed in the US, Germany, or Singapore. “As soon as a new device connects to the Internet, it starts pushing apps and services to the computer,” Alt says, “It’s great to be able to almost walk away while the devices set up.”

“FileWave is a part of every product we buy, from before the box opens to the very end of the life cycle of the machine.”

-Reid Alt, Workstation Administrator

It used to take the IT team a full hands-on day to push out four or five devices. With FileWave, the team can take a hands-off approach to deploy as many as twenty devices, with time to spare for other projects at the same time. The seamless deployment has been important during peak seasons, where Hudl may need to add as many as fifteen new employees and interns each week.

“FileWave frees up our time to work on other things,” Alt says, “It has also saved us from having to hire additional IT employees. If we didn’t have FileWave, we would probably have two full-time employees focused on computer setups full time.” The IT team focuses on resolving employee requests or issues as soon as they come in, relying on the ability to remotely control devices and share screens to support training or remediate problems.

For a busy IT team, process efficiency was also important when it came to security, asset tracking, and loss prevention. Every device will come out of its box compliant with company standards including FileVault for encryption and other critical applications or configurations. In the past, the IT team was manually managing the encryption keys for each of its devices. Now, FileWave deploys a FileVault certificate to every new device.

With over 950 macOS and iOS devices currently in deployment, Hudl can target software distribution using customized packages called Filesets. Filesets can include applications, scripts, user-specific settings, dependency checks, and special settings such as FileWave’s patented self-healing.

“Any rapidly-growing company out there managing Mac environments would benefit from FileWave.”

-Reid Alt, Workstation Administrator

Self-healing ensures business-critical applications cannot be removed or compromised. Whether actions are malicious or unintentional, with FileWave’s self-healing Hudl can quickly remediate the problem. Hudl also relies on FileWave’s IT Asset Inventory to track, manage, and report on hundreds of devices, users, and applications in the field.

“If a remote employee just got a computer upgrade, we have confidence in the process that the device is secure and information, like the client list, is arranged and organized the way it should be,” shares Alt. “With location tracking installed in the background, it gives us the peace of mind that we need as a department.”

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