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Euclid City Schools

Simplified Apple Device Management

The Euclid City School District in Ohio educates over 5,400 pre-K through Grade 12 students across seven school buildings. The District operates a one-to-one program for all students, which began with Chromebooks engraved with the school logo and stored in classroom carts to deter theft and protect student safety. Teaching staff and administrators use MacOS devices.

In the 2018 device refresh cycle, Euclid Schools is diversifying into iOS devices for K to 2 students, which offer a more familiar and simple interface for the youngest students of this highly urban district. “Having a point and click device for remedia- tion, for learning numbers, and alphabet, is important,” notes Mike Durbin, Tech- nology Implementation Specialist for Euclid Schools.

Mike Durbin began his career as a math and computer programming teacher, naturally evolving toward his current position as the “IT-teacher liaison” for the district. In this role, Mike acts as a bridge between IT and teachers to help ensure the technology in the classroom works. Four members of the IT team manage the deployment of Chromebooks, iPads, and MacBook Air devices in use across the district.

“FileWave saves us all kinds of time. We had 350 iPads enrolled in three hours, broken down by grade level per building to help us push apps later.”

- Mike Durbin, Technology Implementation Specialist

Optimized Apple Management

When the district first rolled out MacOS and iOS devices, deployment was done manually. Every other year, teacher laptops would be collected and re-imaged with new software and then redistributed. During the interim, devices would remain unmanaged and unpatched.

When Mike started, the first thing he did was search for an MDM platform to improve the visibility and security of Apple devices. After researching the various endpoint management options, Euclid Schools adopted FileWave. Durbin worked with the Euclid City Schools District Technology Director James Yane to make the final decision. “The support was a big deciding factor,” Durbin says. “Everyone was helpful to get us up and going and the training and certification programs at FileWave have been great.”

“If we had to keep touching all these devices all the time and being out in the schools, I don't think we could do it."

- Mike Durbin, Technology Implementation Specialist

Reducing Shadow IT

Prior to FileWave’s implementation, teachers and administrators were continually asking for curriculum support and additional apps for the different learning needs of students across the district. When devices are managed manually, there is no simple way to push out new software. As a result, teachers were finding their own workarounds to get the apps they need to be productive.

“A lot of teachers will find a workaround to get the apps they need, but that can introduce insecurity to our network.”

- Mike Durbin, Technology Implementation Specialist

Shadow IT (the use of unvetted and unmanaged applications and content by teachers or administrators) is a growing concern for K12 districts who are under scrutiny to remain in compliance with strict security and privacy regulations. “Teachers would put their own passcodes on and their own Apple ID,” Durbin says. ‘Licenses were impossible to manage.” With FileWave, teachers can now access the Self-Service Kiosk to install pre-approved applications when they need it, without compromising security, to promote real-time learning opportunities.

If an app request is new, Durbin can use FileWave to purchase the app under the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and assign the app directly to the teacher. Although critical patches can be pushed directly to every Apple device in the Euclid City Schools deployment, FileWave’s Self-Service Kiosk also acts as a repository for teachers to access the apps and content they need, when they need it.

“Our teachers have much more autonomy,” Durbin says. “And the time savings in IT are difficult to quantify. If we had to keep touching all these devices all the time and being out in the schools, I don't think we could do it with the number of employees we have now.”

Expedited Enrollments

FileWave enables the IT Team to speed up the Apple device enrollment process, allowing three members of the team to enroll and group 350 iPads within three hours. Using FileWave to manage Apple DEP, associating devices with Smart Groups is simple. Euclid uses Smart Groups to create an organized structure of what is deployed to each grade’s iPads per school, supporting the curriculum planning and allowing for targeted software distribution during the school year.

FileWave supports traditional software distribution, VPP management to direct App Store licensed apps to the right iOS devices, and package rollouts using FileSet Magic, a simple, wizard-driven utility that allows administrators to build in user-specific settings, dependency checks, and special settings such as FileWave’s patented self-healing.

After recently completing the FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA) program, which covers all the day-to-day realities of a production endpoint environment, Durbin is ready to head into the new school year with plans to further streamline the management of devices.

“The FCA course helped prepare me for the school year,” notes Durbin. “I was excited to come back with a plan to change our set up and how we’re going to push apps and do FileSet associations.”

Armed with new knowledge, on-demand training, and best practices in the FileWave Foundry, Euclid Schools was able to expand their IT inventory without expanding their work. “That right there is worth its weight in gold,” Durbin says.

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