License Management

FileWave Inventory allows you to input all of your software and hardware purchasing information. FileWave Inventory will automatically scan across all inventory reports to give you up-to-date reports about current software usage. You can even monitor usage of different versions, suites or components.

How License Management Works

By combining your current purchasing and licensing information with the detail scans performed by the Inventory client, FileWave Inventory is able to give you up-to-date usage information for all applications on your network. You can choose to check usage statistics at anytime, or have reports automatically generated when you have exceeded your available licenses. Of course, just like all other reports in Inventory, you can have them sent directly to you or anyone else in your organization via email.

  • Acts as a central database for IT and Purchasing
  • Makes custom queries easily
  • Store searches for later use
  • Schedules scan reports
  • Custom reporting - Automatically generates emails of custom reports and export with excel and .csv options