Integrated Inventory

FileWave's integrated inventory system allows you to quickly access detailed information for all of your client machines. You can build simple or detailed custom queries based on both hardware and software information. Easily track your hardware for lifecycle management based on model, serial number, MAC Address, or other information. Quickly obtain information about software titles in use, even if they were not installed by FileWave.

FileWave also allows you to track the current software usage of your client machines, even for software not installed by the FileWave Client. FileWave's License Management queries track the usage of software across your whole environment, showing you not only the software you have installed, but also the specific client machines using that software. Input the information from your purchasing department to get an accurate number of available licenses and use that to set high water marks, which provide a early warning indicator if your clients are about to exceed the number of available licenses. FileWave's License Management makes it easy to get all of those software licenses under control.

Accessing inventory details of your iOS, ChromeOS and Android devices is easy with FileWave. Administrators can view detailed information, such as command history, installed apps, application deployment status, MDM enrollment information, OS version and hardware details. FileWave allows administrators to customize the inventory tab to only see inventory details that are relevant to your organization.

How Integrated Inventory Works

Our Integrated Inventory is built into our FileWave Products, so there is no extra work required to take advantage of these features. Your FileWave 6.0 (and up) Clients will automatically scan their client machines for software and hardware information and report that data to the FileWave Server. Inventory and Software License information is updated automatically, and license counts can be increased at any time. The FileWave Server utilizes a high performance database backend to ensure that your client data can be searched, sorted and filtered to meet your needs 


  • Single Interface - Manage your inventory data in the same window you already use to manage your clients 
  • Manage one-to-one iOS environments - Within the same admin interface that you manage your Mac and Windows Clients.
  • Device Inventory searches:
    • MDM Push Command history
    • MDM enrollment information
    • Installed apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows
    • Application Usage for OS X and Windows
    • Restrictions
    • iOS Wireless carrier information
    • Model information
    • User login dates and counts for Apple, Chromebook, and Windows computers
    • and much more
  • Easy Query Builder - Build powerful queries to search for software, and hardware across all of your FileWave clients.
  • Filter, Sort, and Search - Cleanup your results by customizing the columns to fit your needs. Search across your query results to find specific items.
  • Inventory Smart-groups - Make a query and act on it. Search for an old app, and update it or find the presence of a non-approved app, and start action for its removal.
  • License Management - Use the combination of software queries and purchase orders to create reports. Easily ensure compliance with license agreements.
  • High Water Marks - Get early warning indicators when you are running low on licenses
  • Fileset Integration - Build your queries based on existing Filesets. Control and manage licenses based on associations made to your FileWave Clients.
  • Clear, concise reporting - Scheduled emails or export your reports to a tab delimited file that can be utilized by spreadsheet or other reporting tools.
  • Integration via RESTful API - Use the backend API to read and write inventory information (read more).