File-Level Distribution

By controlling deployments at the file level, FileWave allows an administrator to easily and quickly manage, modify or delete any file within a deployment, at any time, even post-deployment. Making certain that your end-users have access to the resources they need is a challenge IT administrators strive to meet each day. Ensuring that end-users are not interrupted during these deployments may seem impossible, not with FileWave. We have helped IT administrators to deploy at the file level, allowing them to easily modify individual files on systems at any time, resume interrupted deployments where they left off and even distribute content, such as documents, presentations and other materials to users.

How FileWave Works

FileWave manages deployments at the file level by using Filesets. A Fileset consists of all the files and folders that comprise an application or other deployment. By managing deployments at the file level, Filesets allow an administrator to easily and quickly manage, modify or delete any file, at any time. The client system will only pull down the changed files, reducing network traffic and allowing you to resolve issues within minutes.

FileWave's intelligent client runs quietly in the background of your end-users systems. The intelligent Client is responsible for all communication with the FileWave server and boosters, which ensures that all of the machines on your network are checking for updates whenever they are available. 

  • Patented self-healing - FileWave has the capability to self-heal or automatically repair files that have been modified, corrupted or deleted by a user, system or virus without any interruption to the end-user. FileWave's reboot verification ensures that files remain unchanged unless the FileWave Administrator allows users to modify specific files. 
  • Resuming interrupted deployments - The FileWave client resumes interrupted downloads, such as loss of power, network disruptions, or laptop lids being closed, where they left off when the system becomes available again.
  • Rollback with zero network impact - When updates or new versions of software cause unforeseen problems, the FileWave Rollback feature allows an administrator to revert the software to the previous version in just a few minutes.
  • Multi-platform, single solution - Imagine managing all of your Mac, Windows and iOS devices in a single admin application. You can with FileWave! The FileWave server may be installed on your choice of operating system - Mac, Windows or Linux and the admin application can be run on either a Mac or Windows client OS. FileWave boosters serve as local repositories that allow you to significantly reduce the wide area network traffic on servers involved with deployments.
  • Tiered Administration- Give your administrators specific rights within the FileWave infrastructure. Manage access to administrative controls and add or remove rights and permissions for specific clients and groups