FileWave’s dashboard provides FileWave Administrators real-time statuses of critical systems and services at a glance via the FileWave admin console, or as a webpage. And, if anything goes wrong, customizable alert notifications can be configured to automatically email the appropriate person(s) – keeping any eye on things 24/7, so that you don’t have to.

Dashboard Provides:

  • 24/7 monitoring of critical systems and services
  • “At a glance” data and health statuses, which can be shared
  • Customizable email alert notifications of status changes
  • Guidance with resolving alerts
  • Multiple administration levels


Benefits of Dashboard

24/7 Monitoring
Around the clock monitoring of critical systems and services.

Timely Alert Notifications

Receive email notifications of critical systems and services if something goes wrong.

Customizable Alert Settings
Customizable alert settings allow administrators to choose which notifications they receive, and who receives them.



Features of Dashboard

Status Updates

  • DEP Accounts
  • VPP Tokens
  • Email settings
  • Clever sync
  • LDAP Extraction
  • Enterprise app (ipa)


  • APN for MDM
  • iOS APN for Engage
  • OS X APN for Engage
  • Google Cloud Messaging

Server Performance

  • CPU load
  • RAM usage
  • Disk usage


  • Emails sent
  • Distribution of clients
  • Smart Groups
  • OS distribution
  • FileWave client and mobile licenses

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