FileWave Engage™

Engage provides modern management for the modern classroom by seamlessly connecting today’s teachers and learners – great for 1:1 initiatives, and more. Teachers can take control of their lessons by directing students’ attention, encouraging student interaction, and adjusting instruction based on student needs, all from an easy to use interface.

         Engage users can expect:

  • Easy setup
  • Streamlined content delivery
  • Reliable control of Apple and Chromebook devices
  • Tools that encourage learning and participation

Benefits of Engage

Reduce Administrative Tasks
Easy setup, seamless integration and synchronization with existing systems makes Engage a reliable tool that can be used for daily instruction.
Maximize Instructional Time
With a simple click Engage takes control of devices, shares content, and encourages attentive learning, allowing teachers and students to get the most of each class time.
Increase Student Participation
Cultivate learning by increasing student participation through tools such as Device Mirroring, Eyes Up Front, and Messaging.
Check for Understanding
Instantly get a pulse for classroom learning with the Engage polling feature, allowing for proper differentiation of instruction and re-teaching


Features of Engage

  • Fully automated SIS integration and syncing
    Seamlessly connect with your existing SIS (student information system) via for an easy and reliable experience. is compatible with most SIS systems and does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Clear Passcode (iOS only)
    Save valuable class time by enabling teachers to quickly and easily clear passcodes on student devices.
  • Single App Mode (iOS & Chrome OS only)
    Minimize distractions by guiding devices into a specific application and ensuring all other apps are inaccessible.
  • Eyes Up Front
    With a single action, teachers can temporarily “black out” / lock the screens and provide a custom message to an entire classroom of devices, directing students’ attention to the teacher.
  • Polls
    Teachers can quickly and easily create polls to check for student understanding. These “pop” quizzes can be shared within seconds to students in order to gain immediate feedback and adjust instruction as needed. Student responses are made available to teachers in a way that makes it very easy to identify which student(s) may require additional help on a particular concept.
  • Content
    Engage provides teachers with the ability to centralize course content and easily present it to students in a week-by-week planner-view. Teachers are free to use whatever system they are familiar with (iTunes U, Google Drive, personal websites - anything with a URL) to share content. If a content URL changes, teachers do not need to inform students, thus greatly simplifying the task of ensuring everyone is accessing the correct content.
  • Mirror Device (iOS only)
    Mirror device allows teachers to share their screen, or select a student’s screen, to be shared with the rest of the class via AirPlay for group collaboration – without having to share an AirPlay password.
  • Messaging
    Teachers can send messages to selected students in their class. This method of communication enables teachers to interact with specific students, without disrupting the concentration of other students.

FileWave Engage vs Apple Classroom Comparison

Teacher Commands

  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
Mirror Device (start Airplay)
Single App Mode
Send URL
Lock Device
Lock Device with Message  
Send Messages  
Associate Profiles [1]  
Send Poll  
Clear Passcode  
Log out user
Student Images in Teacher View
Observe Screen [2]
Reset Managed Apple ID Password  


Supported Platforms and Systems

  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
iOS Support
macOS Support  
Chrome OS Support  
Windows Support  
Android Support  
Native App Available iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, Windows iOS
Web Interface  



  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
MDM Required
SIS Syncing
Supports 30+ SIS Integrations  
Flexible Network Configuration [3]
Bluetooth Not Required  
Not Proximity Based Limited by Bluetooth range.


Planned for a future release
[1] Gives teachers the ability to turn on/off 30+ additional profile restrictions and features, such as the camera, dictionary, auto-correct, and many more.
[2] Not permitted to 3rd parties by Apple.
[3] The Apple Classroom app uses broadcast and direct communication from a teacher device to student devices. Infrastructure, peer-to-peer, or Device Isolation cannot be enabled on the network.

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