Apple Classroom

Apple in the Classroom

Learn the benefits of Apple Classroom

Classroom is a powerful iPad app that helps teachers guide learning, share work, and manage student devices. Teachers can launch a specific app, website, or textbook page on any device in the class, or share student work on a TV, monitor, or projector using Apple TV. They can even reset a student’s password, see which apps students are working in, and assign a specific shared iPad for the class period. The Classroom app is easy to set up on a teacher’s iPad with the help of MDM.

Want to know more about Apple Classroom? Visit the Apple website for additional information.

Shared iPads

Learn the benefits of shared devices in education

To leverage Apple's shared iPad model, FileWave has two unique capabilities - DEP profiles for setting up shared iPads and defining the number of users, as well as a new Client group for carts. Information, uploaded to Apple School Manager (ASM) from FileWave, can be used to associate classes with carts. By simply associating a cart to class, teacher and student users are automatically associated to a specific carts of devices.

Want to know more about Apple School Manager, or how to upgrade from the Apple Deployment Programs? Visit our Apple School Manager (ASM) Preparation knowledge base article  or the Apple website for additional information.

The FileWave Difference

Unique FileWave features that enhance the Apple Classroom experience


FileWave enhances the overall Apple Classroom experience by providing comprehensive Student Information Services (SIS) integration with any SIS vendor - greatly expanding the number of compatible SIS systems. This unique feature ensures a school district’s existing SIS system can be easily integrated and leveraged in Apple Classroom and FileWave. Here's are just a handful of the many supported SIS systems:

  • PowerSchool
  • Skyward
  • Infinite Campus
  • SchoolInsight
  • Illuminate
  • iNow by Chalkable
  • And many, many more...


FileWave also provides the optional ability to link student photo shares with Apple Classroom, making it easier than ever to quickly identify students. This feature is great for teachers and even better for substitute teachers.


  • Apple Classroom Teacher View of Classroom
  • Apple Classroom select a student
FileWave's SIS and Student Photos integration with Apple Classroom.


Apple Classroom Features with FileWave

= Unique to FileWave

Comprehensive SIS Integration
Synchronize SIS data from any vendor.
Student Images
Student images can be integrated to quickly and easily identify students.
1:1 and Shared iPad Models
Supports 1:1 and Apple’s new cart based management models.
Apple Highlighted MDM Vendor
FileWave is an Apple highlighted MDM vendor for Classroom.
Streamlined Student Login
Pre-assign shared iPads to students for a smooth login process.
Manage Apple ID passwords
Reset Managed Apple ID passwords without having to call IT for help.
Observe Student Devices
Real-time viewing of student devices.
Manage Applications
Open, block, prevent switching & lock into specified apps.
Lock Student iPads
Get students’ attention by locking device screens.
Log Out Users
Remotely log out users on student devices.
Apple TV Support
Wirelessly present a student’s iPad screen via Airplay.
Create Student Activity Groups
Organize student devices using groups.

FileWave Engage vs Apple Classroom Comparison

Teacher Commands

  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
Mirror Device (start Airplay)
Single App Mode
Send URL
Lock Device
Lock Device with Message  
Send Messages  
Associate Profiles [1]  
Send Poll  
Clear Passcode  
Log out user
Student Images in Teacher View
Observe Screen [2]
Reset Managed Apple ID Password  


Supported Platforms and Systems

  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
iOS Support
macOS Support  
Chrome OS Support  
Windows Support  
Android Support  
Native App Available iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, Windows iOS
Web Interface  



  FileWave Engage Apple Classroom
MDM Required
SIS Syncing
Supports 30+ SIS Integrations  
Flexible Network Configuration [3]
Bluetooth Not Required  
Not Proximity Based Limited by Bluetooth range.


Planned for a future release
[1] Gives teachers the ability to turn on/off 30+ additional profile restrictions and features, such as the camera, dictionary, auto-correct, and many more.
[2] Not permitted to 3rd parties by Apple.
[3] The Apple Classroom app uses broadcast and direct communication from a teacher device to student devices. Infrastructure, peer-to-peer, or Device Isolation cannot be enabled on the network.

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