Education is at a crossroads. Textbooks are quickly being replaced with digital devices, classrooms are virtual and students can tune in and learn from almost anywhere. The technology needed to support this environment can be complex and expensive. And since most education budgets are tight, how you spend your investment is critical.

FileWave has you covered when your educators need to manage devices in their environment. By allowing the classroom to be managed from the classroom, this saves your IT department time, and allows more time for learning and less for management. If your an all iOS device site and need to use Apple's Classroom management tool or if your have a mixed Chrome, iOS, macOS classroom, either solution can be managed by FileWave.

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Engage provides modern management for the modern classroom by seamlessly connecting today’s teachers and learners – great for 1:1 initiatives, and more. Teachers can take control of their lessons by directing students’ attention, encouraging student interaction, and adjusting instruction based on student needs, all from an easy to use interface.

As an Apple highlighted MDM vendor for Apple Classroom, FileWave is committed to improving the classroom experience by supporting easy, robust, and effective solutions that improve teaching and learning while reducing IT’s workload. Keep reading to learn more about Apple Classroom and unique FileWave features that enhance the Apple Classroom experience.