Have a lost device that you’d like to find? Ever wished you could locate that stolen smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer? With FileWave’s integrated Location Tracking feature you can easily locate those missing, or misplaced, devices

Device Discovery provides FileWave administrators with an easy way to scan, detect, and report hardware present on their organization’s network. Whether you need to know exactly what you have on your network for IT management purposes, or you need a global overview report for an important meeting, customizable scans and reports ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.

By controlling deployments at the file level, FileWave allows an administrator to easily and quickly manage, modify or delete any file within a deployment, at any time, even post-deployment. Making certain that your end-users have access to the resources they need is a challenge IT administrators strive to meet each day. Ensuring that end-users are not interrupted during these deployments may seem impossible, not with FileWave. We have helped IT administrators to deploy at the file level, allowing them to easily modify individual files on systems at any time, resume interrupted deployments where they left off and even distribute content, such as documents, presentations and other materials to users.

You can use FileWave to manage iOS and Android devices within the same interface you use to manage your Mac and Windows clients. FileWave supports Apple's Mobile Device Management (MDM). Its Layered and Institution models and Configurator provide seamless integration for app and profile deployment, resetting passwords, data protection, remote wipe, inventory reporting and more.

Imagine managing all of your Mac and Windows devices in a single admin application. You can with FileWave! FileWave is your complete cross-platform device management solution for a streamlined technology initiative.

FileWave allows you to have the ability to automatically find and deploy system updates for both Mac and Windows clients. The client will automatically report to the server which updates they need. An administrator may then create Filesets from the updates and deploy them to clients who are requesting the update. An administrator may manually associate updates as needed or automate the process. 

FileWave Kiosk gives administrators a method to provide users easy access to optional deployments (applications, documents and other resources) at the moment they need them. In most organizations, there are a number of applications and resources that are required for all users. Other content is available via optional downloads. This optional material is accessed by the user in a number of different ways and locations. The Kiosk gives users quick and easy access to all their relevant materials when they are available. While other self-service solutions rely on installers, which need to restart if a disruption occurs, FileWave's unique file level deployment and management is resilient to both network connectivity and power disruptions.

FileWave’s dashboard provides FileWave Administrators real-time statuses of critical systems and services at a glance via the FileWave admin console, or as a webpage. And, if anything goes wrong, customizable alert notifications can be configured to automatically email the appropriate person(s) – keeping any eye on things 24/7, so that you don’t have to.

FileWave's integrated inventory system allows you to quickly access detailed information for all of your client machines. You can build simple or detailed custom queries based on both hardware and software information. Easily track your hardware for lifecycle management based on model, serial number, MAC Address, or other information. Quickly obtain information about software titles in use, even if they were not installed by FileWave.

FileWave Inventory allows you to input all of your software and hardware purchasing information. FileWave Inventory will automatically scan across all inventory reports to give you up-to-date reports about current software usage. You can even monitor usage of different versions, suites or components.

Imaging is a huge part of the systems management task set. Institutions image new devices they have purchased, image older devices on a rotating schedule to bring those devices up to current versions of the operating system and applications, and image devices after they have been repaired or used in a training.

FileWave Lightning is the ultimate image creation and deployment tool using the ultra-fast Thunderbolt™ technology. Lightning allows you to create clean, untouched, never-booted images based on your macOS installer media.  You can even create a local user account or include additional PKG's during creation. Already have ASR ready images created with another tool? No problem! Drag those DMGs into FileWave Lightning and they are ready to deploy at the fastest possible speed to your client machines.

Engage provides modern management for the modern classroom by seamlessly connecting today’s teachers and learners – great for 1:1 initiatives, and more. Teachers can take control of their lessons by directing students’ attention, encouraging student interaction, and adjusting instruction based on student needs, all from an easy to use interface.

As an Apple highlighted MDM vendor for Apple Classroom, FileWave is committed to improving the classroom experience by supporting easy, robust, and effective solutions that improve teaching and learning while reducing IT’s workload. Keep reading to learn more about Apple Classroom and unique FileWave features that enhance the Apple Classroom experience.