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FileWave proudly boasts zero-day support for all of Apple’s upgraded operating systems upon their release. Current customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing new or upgraded Apple devices will not only continue to operate without interruption, but that they can also immediately leverage new Apple features and profiles with FileWave. Additionally, upgrades to FileWave's imaging solutions round out the sweeping support for Apple's Fall releases.

FileWave 12.3

Highlights of FileWave 12.3 include:

  • Immediate support for iOS 11 and tvOS 11
  • Included support for macOS High Sierra 10.13 upon its release
  • Numerous new management profiles
  • Many FileWave Admin console improvements


New Management Profiles

Numerous new management profiles and changes further extend your Apple device management capabilities. Here’s are just some of the many new options:

  • macOS profile: Extensions
    • For security reasons, macOS 10.13 makes it harder to install system extensions (kExt). This new profile allows you to define which extensions are allowed or not on your system.
  • tvOS profile: Airplay Security
    • A new tvOS profile to help you configure how your devices can connect to your Apple TVs when using AirPlay mirroring.
  • tvOS profile: Home Screen Layout
    • A new tvOS profile to configure your Apple TV Home Screen allows you to select which application will be visible immediately for your users.
  • iOS profile: DNS proxy
    • A new iOS 11 profile to configure specific applications to use a DNS proxy extension instead of default DNS server.
  • iOS restrictions: allowSystemAppRemoval
    • A new iOS 11 restriction to allow or prevent your users to remove Apple system Applications.
  • Commands changes: EraseDevice command
    • Data plan settings can now be preserved when wiping a device.
  • New skip keys for DEP profile
    • You can now choose to skip the following additional configuration steps: Keyboard chooser, Apple Watch Migration (iOS), Sign-in to TV Provider, and Setup with iOS device (tvOS).
  • Commands changes: macOS firmware password
    • It is now possible to verify and set macOS 10.13 firmware password if your Mac is MDM enrolled into FileWave.


Imaging 5.3 & Lightning 1.8.7

FileWave's imaging solutions have been updated to support Apple's new file structure, APFS. Highlights include:

  • Imaging support for macOS High Sierra 10.13 devices with APFS
  • Lightning support for macOS High Sierra 10.13 devices with APFS
  • Additional improvements


Engage 1.3.2

This release of Engage addresses a small issue with Clever and Google authentication.


For a complete breakdown of all features and changes, visit the FileWave 12.3Imaging 5.3, Lightning 1.8.7, and Engage 1.3.2 download pages.


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