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FileWave 13 introduces a host of new features and support. Including an all-new user-friendly web-based UI, full feature support for already-supported Apple OS versions released this fall, a newly available integration, and more, v13 fulfills our promise of continued excellence to our customers. Watch the video below and learn more about key features of FileWave 13.

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Key v13 Release Benefits

Lightweight Web-Based UI

For those IT technicians operating in the field, a web-based UI provides portability and flexibility - allowing FileWave admins to work from any device at any location. Accessible from any browser, the new web-based UI is included in addition to the current FileWave Admin console. Focused primarily on reporting functions, the new UI will continue to expand functionality in subsequent releases.

New Apple Update Support 

Already fully compatible with Apple’s fall OS updates, FileWave includes full support for features introduced by Apple in iOS12, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave. Apple features supported in FileWave 13 include:

  • More Exchange and email profile options
  • More restrictions for iOS, tvOS, and macOS
  • More VPN profile security options
  • Enhanced Privacy profile options
  • More “Device Lock” messaging on macOS 10.14
  • More “skip items” options for DEP
  • Apple Push Notification Service via HTTP/2 for more secure communication
  • VPP app installation on tvOS

Please see FileWave 13 release notes for more detail of these and other updates.

ServiceNow Integration

FileWave is expanding customers’ ability to leverage FileWave data to solve end-user issues more quickly. A newly available integration with ServiceNow, a leading enterprise IT Service Management platform, allows users to link FileWave Inventory to ServiceNow. This direct visibility to user devices empowers help desks to handle support tickets more quickly and effectively by integrating endpoint data with the support ticket. FileWave Link is an app available from the ServiceNow store.

FileWave Security Enhancements

This release includes admin permissions and password improvements, SSL encryption improvements, and certificate-based authentication improvements. Enhanced security ensures FileWave does not introduce new risk to customer environments through its deep access to managed devices.

Additional Changes

For a complete list of updates and changes, please view the release notes on the FileWave 13 downloads page.

*Videos on the FileWave Foundry require a valid subscription. Click here to learn about the FileWave Foundry. If you would like a subscription, they are available at a reasonable price. Please contact your FileWave salesperson for more details.

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