The FileWave team wishes everyone a very happy holiday season. Stay tuned for many new features and updates in 2014, designed to make your systems management even faster, easier and smoother.

It has become customary for FileWave to make a donation to charities in lieu of sending holiday cards and gifts. This year, we've chosen two organizations that do amazing work to help others. To learn more about these organizations, please visit the links below.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Volunteers of America


-Your FileWave Team

With the official release of OS X Mavericks, many of our customers want to know if and how FileWave will work with Apples latest operating system.  Great news – starting today, Mavericks clients will seamlessly integrate into your existing FileWave 7 environment, allowing you to take advantage of over 100 new FileWave 7 features.  Manage all of your iOS, OS X and Windows devices in one interface with the ease of FileWave.

FileWave – management made simple.


FileWave is proud to announce the release of FileWave 7.0!  New features include integrated network based imaging (PC and Mac), enhanced inventory and license management, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks support, and much more!  With over 100 new features, visit the FileWave website to see how FileWave is taking system's management to the next level.

With the recent release of iOS 7 comes many new management and security features.  Although the new features are exciting, it leaves many administrators wondering how they will efficiently and effectively manage these new features at the enterprise level.

Enter FileWave.  For over 20 years FileWave has provided first class support for desktop and mobile devices, and iOS 7 is no exception.  iOS 7, when paired with FileWave 7.0, enables organizations to get the most out of their iOS 7 devices in a simple, easy to understand way.  And, most importantly, it just works.

New iOS 7 Features that will be available in FileWave 7.0 (release Q4):
  • Per-app VPN
  • Managed Open In
  • Single sign on
  • Enhanced security & privacy
  • Single app mode
  • Fonts
  • Custom Settings
  • AirPlay & AirPrint
  • And many more!

Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the new features:

We are pleased to announce that FileWave 6.1.2 is compatible with iOS 7 and Mavericks.   

As a result, you will continue to receive the same great features, performance and reliability our software is known for.  Many new FileWave features will be added upon the official release of Mavericks and our upcoming release.


Thank you to our customers and friends who attended the 2013 FileWave Summer Conference at the FORUM in Fishers, Indiana. We had a great turnout and continue to receive positive feedback from numerous participants. Networking with other users in the FileWave community is a great way to gain knowledge and build lasting relationships, and we hope to see everyone again next year at our 2014 conference.

A special thank you to the presenters, as well as our partners, who helped make the 2013 conference a success!


-The FileWave Team


Are you planning a school or corporation level BYOD or 1:1 deployment? Let FileWave aid in the transition! FileWave makes multi-platform device management simple. Previously daunting tasks like software and app deployments, updates and deletions become effortless with FileWave. Our centralized console and on-demand end-user kiosk are just a couple of the many features beloved by our customers. Watch several testimonials from technology leaders across the United States to learn how FileWave can help your district achieve success with your large-scale initiatives.

A Refreshed Interface and Network Imaging for OS X clients, now available in FileWave 6.1

FileWave 6.1 is here! Built with a new look and feel, Systems Management has never looked this good! You are now ready to take the reigns of your environment with an easy to navigate side bar, improved organizational colors, and visually striking icons.

The new integrated imaging solution for your OS X client machines allows you to easily create and deploy images across your network to machines already enrolled in your FileWave server. New Macs sitting on the shipping dock ready to deploy? No problem! Our integrated imaging solution works for them too! Simply feed your serial number list into FileWave and you’re ready to go!

FileWave and v.2 Consulting have partnered together to provide the first Apple Authorized Training Center to the great state of Indiana! Apple certified training is the most effective means of learning Apple technology, and adding credibility to your IT knowledge. With monthly offerings, v.2 Consulting's leader led classes will put you at the head of the pack in the IT support industry!

Training Courses:

ML 101: OS X Support Essentials
ML 201: OS X Server Essentials