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Video Header: Testimonial: MSD Washington Township
Video Description: Learn how a FileWave partnership helps Washington Township manage over 7,000 devices for their K-12 students. Individualization of technology for english as a new language learners helped improve learning for students in need of additional support.
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FileWave can distribute virtually any standard software package, but sometimes apps and content that you want to distribute are not available in the state your users need.

Fileset Magic is a simple, wizard-driven utility for Windows and Mac that enables you to build customized packages, called Filesets, from before and after system snapshots. Granular controls of snapshot scanning make the process faster and more efficient, and advanced editing functions give you even more control.

Customized Packages with Convenient Distribution

Customize Filesets with scripts, user-specific settings, dependency checks, and special settings such as FileWave’s patented self-healing. Whether they are removed or corrupted unintentionally or maliciously, self-healing ensures that critical applications remain installed and correctly configured.

Users rarely have only one device, and they need more than applications to be productive. Filesets are not limited only to applications or computers. Digital content, documents, settings and more can be distributed as Filesets to Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.