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License Management

Software Distribution & Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Olentangy School District
Video Description: Olentangy Local School District uses FileWave’s tools to manage over 7,000 macOS,Windows, and iOS devices. FileWave’s ease of use and implementation provided quick wins for deployment ahead of major testing.
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Anybody who says “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission” has never been through a software audit. The penalties for over-installing can cripple the IT budget, but so can purchasing excess licenses that end up unused. Either way, you can’t make the right decisions with the wrong information.

Tracking Software Licenses

FileWave’s detailed, customizable reporting tracks applications (and fonts) installed against licenses purchased, warning when you get close to exceeding your license count. And FileWave can also track application usage, so that when it’s time to purchase or renew software, your purchase decisions will be better informed. Software that is not being used can be uninstalled and redeployed where it is needed, saving real dollars that you otherwise may have spent to avoid potential compliance issues. There’s no need to guess with FileWave.

Apple software, apps, and iBooks purchased under the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) can be fully managed, too. Assign them to devices or users, revoke them when they are no longer needed, or when users leave the organization.