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Application Self-Healing

Software Distribution & Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Olentangy School District
Video Description: Olentangy Local School District uses FileWave’s tools to manage over 7,000 macOS,Windows, and iOS devices. FileWave’s ease of use and implementation provided quick wins for deployment ahead of major testing.
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For a business to function, users need the right software to be productive in their jobs. FileWave’s smart groups ensure that applications get installed where they are needed. More importantly, with patented self-healing, FileWave keeps them there.

But not all applications are equal. As important as user productivity is, when critical applications, such as antivirus agents or endpoint protection tools, are removed or compromised, it makes your entire network less secure. It doesn’t matter if they were compromised maliciously or unintentionally – what matters is how quickly you can remediate the problem.

By deploying those critical tools as Filesets, you can ensure they remain where they belong. Automatically verifying the app’s integrity at an interval you can set, FileWave will automatically repair or reinstall apps that are missing or modified.