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Software Distribution & Management

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
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IT Administration goes far beyond hardware acquisition and management. Budgeting, planning, distributing, and maintaining software is key for successful IT management.

Better Budgeting via Software Data Visibility

A failed software rollout can have many causes; outdated software, pending OS updates, and missing patches can all contribute to failures. Unplanned expenses can result in failed rollouts, security issues, and shelved hardware.

FileWave reduces the risks of failed software rollouts. Our detailed FileWave Inventory reporting and easy-to-use filters give you the data visibility you need to build a smarter budget. An optimized plan and budget keep your time and money spent on positive impacts.

Distribute Software Easily and Effectively

FileWave supports both standard software packages, such as Windows MSI or Apple PKG files, and custom file packages. Our patented File-level Distribution, Fileset Magic, empowers IT administrators to create their own file packages. It also reduces the need for end-user interactions to complete the installation process.

Overcome your distributed networks or unreliable connection with FileWave Booster technology. This innovative solution ensures applications are installed without draining limited bandwidth.

Maintain Software Installations

Avoid mistaken or malicious removal of key software with FileWave’s patented Self-Healing. Automatically repair corrupted files and reinstall missing software. Maintaining your distributed software keeps your endpoint environment and network secured.

Take your software maintenance further with Patch Management. Close gaps and protect your environment from security exploits. The automation available through FileWave is key for proper software management and maintenance.

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