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Patch Management

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
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Video Description: Mooresville GSD’s 1:1 student technology initiative covers over 6,000 MacBooks managed by FileWave’s suite. Learn how endpoint management empowered student’s preparation for succeeding in a modern learning environment.
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In order to maximize security, you have to find and fill the holes in your company’s protections. If patches aren’t implemented across your organization’s devices, you can be leaving costly gaps open. Those gaps can expose your company to harmful viruses, malware, ransomware, and data leaks. Over 70% of security breaches target known vulnerabilities that could have been prevented with a simple patch.

OS and Application Updates

The digital landscape is filled with aggressive and tech-savvy predators. To keep them at bay, you need reliable performance and strong security coverage for non-uniform devices. FileWave empowers you to patch macOS and Windows operating systems, as well as updates and patches to third party applications. FileWave can also manage updates on iOS, and Smart Inventory Queries can provide real-time compliance reporting.

So whether it’s a classroom of laptops or a sales team scattered around the country, FileWave will help you keep your company safe.