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IT Asset Inventory

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Baldwin County School District
Video Description: Baldwin County School District’s Technology Coordinator, Mike Giardina, highlights FileWave’s use in managing their 30,0000 macOS devices. FileWave’s management and self-service kiosk empower administration and students alike for the district’s digital renaissance initiative.
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DISCOVERY: Know what’s on your network. You’re accountable for it.

FileWave’s agentless Network Discovery detects and reports detailed information on all of the devices connected to your network: computers, mobile devices, printers, routers, and more. Identifying unknown devices not only helps you to manage the devices you own, but to better secure your network from unauthorized access.

REPORTING: It’s not having the data that matters—it’s what you do with it.

There is a good chance you will never need to know all of the hundreds of data points collected for your applications, devices, and users. There’s an even better chance that whatever you do need to know is in the FileWave database.

Simple, flexible, and powerful queries allows you to create reports in real time, enabling you to efficiently prepare and execute software deployments, OS migrations, patch management, and many other complex projects.

FileWave’s Custom Fields let you add information based on your own specific criteria which can later be queried for reporting or for targeting actions on devices.

COMPLIANCE: Don’t wait for a software audit find out what’s installed.

People who say “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission” have never been through a software audit. Potential penalties for noncompliance can overwhelm the IT budget. With FileWave’s License Management you can track licenses and installations, get warnings when licenses run low, manage Apple VPP licenses, and more. License information also enables you to reduce purchase and renewal costs, by detecting unused licenses. You can also better manage risks by geo-tracking your devices.