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Disk Imaging

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
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Video Description: Baldwin County School District’s Technology Coordinator, Mike Giardina, highlights FileWave’s use in managing their 30,0000 macOS devices. FileWave’s management and self-service kiosk empower administration and students alike for the district’s digital renaissance initiative.
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Imaging computers, either as part of an initial device deployment or a migration, can be a time-consuming, hands-on experience for IT staff, involving capturing, modifying, and installing the base operating system to a Windows or Mac computer, configured as needed within the company’s environment.

FileWave’s Imaging Virtual Server (IVS) can deploy complete disk images to Windows computers across the network, leveraging PXE and even pushing OEM plug and play drivers.

On macOS, FileWave Lightning and IVS support older systems, while Apple DEP integration leverages the newest Apple frameworks for Imaging in the Age of High Sierra. For companies that prefer local control of imaging, FileWave can execute scripted installations of macOS using Filesets.

Best Practices: Now and for the future

Beyond deployment of the base operating system, new users need to receive specific applications. The variety of hardware, differences in user roles, and frequent updates to individual applications makes it impractical at best to maintain multiple master images that include applications.

With FileWave, software distribution targets devices based on criteria the admin determines. Once an imaged device is assigned to a user, FileWave’s automation takes over, installing applications where they are needed, and ensuring through self-healing that critical applications remain installed.

Beyond Imaging: Intelligent deployment

Deployment was never just imaging. It was, and remains, the process of fully configuring systems and delivering the apps and settings users need to be productive. FileWave provides tools to accomplish this in the most effective way on all of your devices.

Imaging and Deployment