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Imaging & Deployment
Video Header: Testimonial: MSD Washington Township
Video Description: Learn how a FileWave partnership helps Washington Township manage over 7,000 devices for their K-12 students. Individualization of technology for english as a new language learners helped improve learning for students in need of additional support.
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Apple’s industry-leading technologies for deployment of computers and mobile devices make it easier than ever to deploy and configure new iPads, iPhones, and Macs. FileWave enables zero-touch deployment by leveraging the full Apple framework and ecosystem, and integrating it into your organization.

Import placeholders into FileWave as soon as you order new hardware and build your own settings, configurations, restrictions, and personalizations targeted to the users or groups that need them.

More Effective Imaging with Less Effort Required

No more hands-on imaging and configuration – you can hand out devices still in the shrinkwrap because your custom settings are built directly into the out-of-box experience for macOS and iOS. As users follow the setup dialog, they will see only what you want them to see and be fully compliant with company standards without any hands-on interaction with IT.

Imaging and Deployment