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Imaging and Deployment

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Manatee County School District
Video Description: Over 30,000 macOS clients in the Manatee County School District are managed using FileWave’s suite of tools. FileWave’s adaptability in imaging transformed the district’s ability to manage unexpected updates during crucial testing periods.
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AUTOMATED: Simplify and shorten deployment processes

Imaging is a complex and time-consuming process, even on a single operating system. FileWave simplifies and shortens the process through a variety of automation tools adapted to multiple operating systems. FileWave Lightning, our local imaging tool, easily clones macOS devices; Network Imaging deploys images and updates to Windows and older Macs across the network; and scripted installations using Filesets enables you to continue imaging even macOS High Sierra devices.

ZERO TOUCH: Deployment without IT or end-user interactions

Imaging is changing. Apple DEP takes the operating system out of your environment, requiring you to manage the process between users, your organization and the Apple ecosystem. Using FileWave to manage DEP, now you can have completely zero-touch deployments of macOS and iOS devices. The base operating systems and preferences will be configured as part of the user’s out-of-box experience. Hand out devices still in their shrinkwrap with confidence that they will be properly managed and compliant with company standards. And with Smart Groups, application are pushed down to the users who need them - Mac, Windows, and mobile.

FUTURE-PROOF: We update to the latest processes so you don’t have to

With every hardware refresh, and innovations happening across all manufacturers, it’s important to future-proof your management. FileWave supports the newest technologies, such as DEP, but also has you covered on your legacy devices. As platform functionality shifts with industry best practices, FileWave will future-proof your processes - so you don’t have to change how you work.

Imaging and Deployment