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Multi-Platform Endpoint Management
Video Header: Testimonial: Mooresville GSD
Video Description: Mooresville GSD’s 1:1 student technology initiative covers over 6,000 MacBooks managed by FileWave’s suite. Learn how endpoint management empowered student’s preparation for succeeding in a modern learning environment.
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DEVICES: Anytime, anywhere remote control of endpoint devices

Shorten incident resolution times for technical Help Desk tickets by viewing systems remotely, with no need to send a technician on-site to troubleshoot. FileWave’s built-in remote control easily navigates firewalls and NAT configurations, letting you view and operate remote computers nearly anyplace.

Take action to remediate problems deploying configurations, files, and patches immediately, improving first-call resolution, user productivity, and security compliance.

USERS: Improve productivity by making IT the path of least resistance

Frustrated by waiting for the Help Desk to respond, users often consult first with peers, but this “shadow IT” tends to cause more issues than it resolves.

Remote Control supports not only technical troubleshooting but also just-in-time user training, both of which reduce repeat incidents of technical support tickets. A faster, more effective response improves everybody’s productivity and eliminates “shadow IT” by making the Help Desk the path of least resistance.

Users will find a way to get what they need. Make it easier with the FileWave Self-Service Kiosk. On-demand content for end users, pre-approved by IT, reduces requests and does not require admin rights for users to self-provision, protecting security while enabling productivity.

CONFIGURATIONS: There’s more to a device than hardware and apps

WiFi and other network configurations, restrictions, password standards, email configurations, digital content, VPNs…the list goes on, and all of them are required to keep devices compliant and users productive.

Create and manage profiles with FileWave's Profile Editor, associate them with individuals or groups, and let FileWave do the rest. Deployment can be scheduled, immediate, or even self-service.