Your patients deserve better. FileWave® for Healthcare can help.

Smart technology deserves smart management, that’s why with FileWave® for Healthcare, you’ll be able to modernize your healthcare system through delivering the benefits of remote workforce enablement and securing patient data. With modern endpoint management, one-click application deployment, and location management, FileWave® for Healthcare is perfect for you.

Trust FileWave® for Healthcare to enable your care providers to deliver the most effective treatment and best experience to patients with secure and efficient technology.

Embracing modern practices for digital healthcare is easy with FileWave® for Healthcare. With end-to-end encryption, we can help your organization embrace technological advancements with secured devices, efficient software deployments, and cloud data services. FileWave can help IT teams in healthcare to create stable device environments, secure sensitive patient data, maintain regulatory compliance, and enable better outcomes for your patients and providers.

Scalable & Flexible

FileWave® for Healthcare is scalable, flexible, and lightweight. Coupled with our patented FileWave® Booster technology, you can put FileWave on on-premise virtual machines, you can host it yourself, host in the cloud, or on your server.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Maintain patient privacy compliance with end-to-end data encryption. Using the latest security protocols, FileWave® enables the management you need without creating exposure for possible data breaches.

Multi-Platform Management

While other device management platforms focus on only managing one operating system, FileWave® brings all major systems into one convenient tool. We manage macOS, Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS with ease.

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Device Tracking & Location

Enabling remote care and telehealth has never been more challenging. With FileWave® for Healthcare, finding and tracking devices is easy. With just a few clicks, you can find any device, on- or off-premise, every time.

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For hospitals and care providers embracing the latest in healthcare technology, FileWave® is here to help build a better experience for patients, physicians, and everyone in between.

Telehealth is growing in popularity for improved safety, access, and health outcomes. With FileWave®, you’re able to enable instant access to healthcare providers and your patients to enable them to complete visits and consultations without risking the spread of illness. Enabling a fully remote healthcare provider network can be stressful, but with FileWave®’s unique IT asset management, device tracking and location tools, self-healing capabilities, and security and configuration enforcement, your organization will continue to run smoothly and securely every step of the way.

FileWave®’s ability to process large-scale quantities of data and ensure that properly licensed software is consistent across all of your organization’s devices is a huge benefit. With our patented FileWave® Booster and unique Self-Healing abilities, you can ensure that your employees and patients have the highest possible uptime and can continue their work safely and securely. It’s a win-win for digital modernization in healthcare and frictionless help and support for patients throughout your network.

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