FileWave at WWDC18: Notes and Highlights

Get our first-hand, on-site take on all things WWDC 2108.

Apple has once again dropped some major announcements at WWDC 2018, from the announcement of macOS Mojave and ARKit 2 to the new group FaceTime support for up to 32 people.

FileWave engineers are on hand at WWDC 2018 gathering up all the details for us from the labs and technical sessions, beginning the process of support for everything new coming to macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

The announcements from WWDC18 are always just a starting point, as organizations and developers rush to leverage the new features in innovative ways. We’re interested to know more about:

  • The new Screen Time management and App Limits features in iOS 12 (and can’t wait to see how they figure into device management).
  • The possibilities for Group FaceTime in the classroom setting. Could this offer schools the opportunity to extend learning into the Summer through virtual classrooms? Or a one-click alternative to video conferencing platforms for small business?
  • The improved password security, integrating third-party password managers and advanced password storage in Keychain with autofill support for apps. If these passwords are user specific, not device specific, it could drastically improve security.
  • ARKit 2 continues to push innovation in AR experiences, an area where we’re seeing the greatest development of new, immersive educational apps

We expect more announcements to come throughout the week, including what’s new in managing Apple Devices and specifically how administrators and educators can enhance the classroom learning environment.

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