FileWave Alliance Conference – Highlights & News

This year’s FileWave Alliance conference marked a significant milestone in the company’s history – 25 years of innovation! The conference was a huge success, packed full of relevant content from engaging speakers, and now we’re looking forward to delivering all the exciting features and services that were revealed at the conference.

In case you missed it, below are some highlights and news from the conference and what you can expect to see as we head into 2018.

Web Console
We are working hard on a new web based interface for FileWave – our goals include:

  • A user experience that delights

  • An adaptable interface for desktop, laptop, and tablets

  • Includes improved navigation, filtering, searching, and workflows

  • Design with mobile in mind: to be fast, lightweight, and robust

To learn more about the web console, view the recording from the FileWave Alliance Conference.

FileWave 12.7 (Q1 2018)
FileWave 12.7 will include numerous new features and improvements, such as:

  • White-Boxing enhancements for end-user facing components, including the FileWave Kiosk and MDM enrollment pages

  • Custom Fields for improved inventory reporting. This is huge! Be sure to view the the recording from the conference to learn more (see link below).

  • LDAPS support and LDAP extraction performance improvements

  • DEP Naming Templates – Automatically name clients based on [re] enrollment criteria

  • Improved “Managed Apple ID” support

  • Client Blocking – Allows admins to define “blocked” hours (or other criteria) where clients will not execute installations or updates

  • APFS Fixes

  • Support for Mac OS 10.13.2

  • LDAP attribute based custom fields

To learn more about upcoming the upcoming FileWave 12.7 releases , view the recording from the FileWave Alliance Conference.

FileWave Foundry: Where great FileWave minds are forged!
The FileWave Foundry, our new learning management system for all things FileWave, gives customers access to learning and certification materials across all aspects of FileWave at any time, from anywhere, on any device, and at your own pace.

  • Need to learn about how to use FileWave to image your computer endpoints? ✓

  • Confused by profile Filesets and need a good walk-through? ✓

  • Interested in best practices for success with your new FileWave implementation? ✓

  • Do you want to become a FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA), but can’t get to one of the classes? ✓

  • The FileWave Foundry has all of the above, and much more!

To learn more about the FileWave Foundry, please visit

Knowledge Base (mid-January)
FileWave is moving to a new Knowledge Base! The new KB system will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved search capabilities – Search and access all FileWave content from one place.

  • Instant help – KB articles and the FileWave Manual are searched as support tickets are created.

  • Improved Support – The FileWave support team can quickly reference articles and manual pages, or flag issues with articles for improvements.


Online FileWave Manual (mid-January)
The FileWave Manual is now a living online manual that’s connected to the new Knowledge Base system, allowing users to quickly search across multiple systems at once, or read through the manual section by section.

Support Ticketing System (mid-January)
Our new integrated Support Ticketing System will allow easier escalation to development and for customers to track their progress of their ticket as it moves through the FileWave support chain.

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