Education is at a crossroads. Textbooks are quickly being replaced with digital devices, classrooms are virtual and students can tune in and learn from almost anywhere. The technology needed to support this environment can be complex and expensive. And since most education budgets are tight, how you spend your investment is critical.

FileWave is working with hundreds of school districts across the country, replacing outdated textbooks with the most up-to-date digital technology, in BYOD and subsidized device environments. Once your devices are in place, the challenge begins. FileWave manages deployments of applications, documents and updates at the file level, allowing administrator to easily and quickly manage, delete or modify any files within a deployment at any time. With FileWave, end-users are only allowed to download the files you recommend and if the files are deleted or modified, FileWave's self-healing feature returns files to their original deployed state. 

You can use FileWave to manage all of your macOS, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android devices - all from one console. FileWave provides seamless integration for app and profile deployment, resetting passwords, data protection, remote wipe and full inventory reporting.

This is how FileWave's clients, servers and boosters interact in a K-12 environment.