Higher Education

Higher Education presents a unique and constantly changing challenge for IT departments. The administration of facility-owned assets such as enrollment and personal student information that used to be IT's sole responsibility is now only a small part of the picture. As technology replaces traditional textbooks, keeping classroom and lab devices up-to-date with deployments and updates becomes a daunting challenge, even for the most progressive of IT administrators. Most students are now bringing their own computers and devices to campus. Troubleshooting minor issues, routine maintenance and loading new software and updates is now a service that universities are offering to students, free of charge. All this leads to "A Perfect Storm" for IT administrators who are already dealing with tight budgets and reduced staff.

FileWave is the solution to help you maintain control over this ever-changing environment. With file level deployment, FileWave ensures that your deployed files are secure and up-to-date by scanning installed hardware and software. This scan provides details about your operating system, software versions and usage, hardware components and network settings on each client. Whether your network is 50 systems or 50,000 - FileWave makes the deployment of applications, documents and other files, simple - without interruption to the end-user. 

This is how FileWave's clients, servers and boosters interact on a university campus.