Government provides structure and support to the communities they serve. FileWave provides structure and support to the computers and mobile devices that keep governments running. By managing government deployments at the file level, FileWave helps government IT departments protect sensitive public and personal information by securing their IT endpoints.

Government Agencies simplify their processes by working with FileWave, making the deployment of applications, documents and other files, simple - without interruption to the end-user. Security is a major issue in these agencies and FileWave's Inventory software ensures that deployed files are secure and up-to-date by scanning installed hardware and software. This scheduled scan provides details about the operating system, software versions and usage, security packages, hardware components and network settings on each client. FileWave also helps agencies keep track of the mobile devices (iOS and Android) that are used by government employees for communication and presentations. Employees have access to only the files and software that are relevant to their jobs, available to them the minute you release it.