Protecting and managing corporate IT deployment of sensitive files and data is very challenging. All it takes is a single incident like a stolen computer or password to create a disaster. Organizations that are not proactive about their security are responsible for regulatory penalties and the backlash that occurs as a result of negative company public relations. It is also essential that corporations are aware of changing federal, state and industry standard regulations.

FileWave's Inventory software ensures that your deployed files are secure and up-to-date by scanning installed hardware and software. This scheduled scan provides details about the operating system, software versions and usage, security packages, hardware components and network settings on each client. With FileWave, end-users are only allowed to download the files that you recommend and if files are deleted or modified, FileWave's self-healing feature returns files to their original deployed state. No matter if your network is 50 systems or 50,000 - FileWave makes the deployment of applications, documents and other files, simple - without interruption to the end-user.

FileWave's system of deploying files to clients through servers and boosters helps you do business globally.