COVID-19 has created major negative impacts for businesses and schools alike. Rely on FileWave to empower remote productivity and keep your people safer.

Enable remote workforces and digital learning programs to maintain productivity during COVID-19. FileWave keeps end users productive and data secure with a full suite of remote management tools IT departments rely on to complete essential work during the pandemic. Your work is more important than ever – count on us to help.

Set up, manage, and secure your devices with ease while keeping employees safe and secure.

Expanding remote capabilities is essential to protect your employees’ health and your business performance under COVID-19. FileWave helps schools and businesses stay nimble and effective by providing IT teams the flexibility and agility required to manage devices around the world. With enhanced connectivity across networks, firewalls, and NAT configurations, you can count on FileWave to empower your end users from any location.

Distribute Software Remotely

Remotely distribute software to enable end user productivity from anywhere. Target devices via custom fields, Smart Groups, and other highly segmented criteria. 

Remote User Support

Remote control devices to quickly troubleshoot and solve user issues, decreasing time spent talking through technical issues. 

Self-Service Kiosk

Make IT easy for end users by empowering them to install pre-approved apps and software. Avoid complications that stem from unmanaged, incompatible software installed by users. 

Connect from Anywhere

Thanks to the FileWave Client, IT professionals can connect across networks and NAT configurations to support end users.

In times of change and uncertainty, FileWave is here to help.

For businesses, embracing remote work represents a path forward through the uncertainty of COVID-19. By providing remote work options to existing employees and prospects, you improve their work-life balance, reduce their travel and health risks, and open up a candidate pool internationally. This paradigm shift improves performance in worker satisfaction and productivity and can help reduce operational costs related to maintaining a busy HQ. FileWave is the right solution to bridge the remote gap and enable those successes while mitigating potential security risks.

For schools, eLearning options have rapidly become a typical offering worldwide. Students, teachers, and parents all depend on laptops and tablets to enable student learning. FileWave enables IT professionals to empower learning with its suite of capabilities to provision, deploy, manage, patch, and support devices. Schools with blended device environments for teachers and different grade levels of learners benefit from FileWave’s ability to manage macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices. Add in the ability to manage BYOD programs, and FileWave is the solution school can count on to enable eLearning.

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Enjoy FileWave’s convenient, intuitive mobile device solution to keep your mobile device environment productive and secure.

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