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About FileWave

Company Profile

A pioneer in multi-platform endpoint management, FileWave was founded in 1992. Offering a single management solution for apps, devices, and configurations for Mac, Windows, and mobile, FileWave gives IT the ability to proactively and automatically provision and maintain every device.

Multi-platform environments used to be rare. FileWave’s early customers were concentrated in industries where Macs were more common, but usually had to co-exist with Windows. Our market-leading Mac support was an easy choice; our ability to manage Windows in the same console, with similar workflows, made multi-platform management consistent, practical, and easy.

But multi-platform environments are no longer a niche concern. The days of standardized desktops are over. Today, the majority of companies now offer Macs to end users, and the explosion in mobile endpoints has added even more platforms for IT departments to manage.

With a technical vision aimed towards new and developing technology trends, FileWave also remains firmly committed to supporting the systems and processes our customers use right now. Through our vibrant Alliance Community, customers are part of a collaborative FileWave family that is built for both present and future.

Multi-platform challenges may be new to most companies, but we have been doing this for over 25 years. FileWave makes multi-platform endpoint management simple.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1992
  • 97% customer retention rate
  • One interface for macOS, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android devices
  • Annual FileWave Alliance user conference
  • Available FileWave certification courses