Manage your Chromebooks with FileWave®. Schools implementing 1:1 Chromebook programs overwhelmingly choose us.

Chromebooks have rapidly become a preferred platform for schools implementing 1:1 device programs. These easily adaptable devices present their own challenges to management. FileWave® enhances Chromebook management with improved functionality to save IT administrators time and school districts money compared to time-consuming OEM solutions.

FileWave®’s multi-platform capability enables you to manage all devices – including Chromebooks – from one consolidated view.

As Chromebooks have been rapidly adopted by school districts, they have created unique challenges to IT departments accustomed to Microsoft and Apple platforms. FileWave® brings ChromeOS devices into its familiar management solution to enhance their management, especially in blended device environments. IT Administrators trust FileWave® to keep their Google end users productive and secure.

Chromebook Management

Bring your Chromebooks into FileWave® for additional management functions not enabled by the Google Admin Console.

Improved Reporting Processes

Enjoy extensive sorting, searching, custom fields, and Smart Group options to give you the data needed to make decisions about your environment. 

Better OU Management

Following enrollment, FileWave® mirrors Google Organizational Units to give a clear picture of your Chromebook environment, with added customization to meet your needs.

Secure Devices and Users

Enforce configurations, security settings, locate devices, and secure them if missing, lost, or stolen to protect sensitive data. 

Designed from its inception as a cross-platform tool, FileWave® has continued to evolve along with the technology market.

FileWave®, a pioneer in managing multiple devices and operating systems, has also led the market in unifying the workflows used to deploy, manage, track, and maintain devices, settings, and apps. The more complicated the environment, the more important it becomes to make endpoint management simple. By combining the management of all major operating systems in one tool, IT administrators save time and money with FileWave®.

Using standardized workflows based on payloads, Smart Groups, and a powerful reporting engine, FileWave® enables easier cross-training of IT teams to manage multiple systems. In an era where each individual user’s devices are a multi-platform environment, those users should not have to rely on multiple support tools and technicians to help them be productive.

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