Digital transformation. The buzzword organizations scramble to grasp and execute is starting to pay off. Now that the groundwork has been laid, advanced technologies can start to come into the equation. For fast-growing enterprises, the adoption of new technologies coupled with rapid growth makes it an even riskier combination. In fact, according to a study...
  TraveKom und FileWave signed a partnership agreement on February 16th 2021 Strategic alliance to support schools and the public sector in Germany with their digitalization efforts    Lübeck/Düsseldorf, March 25th 2021. The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the way of learning. Digital classrooms pose new challenges to the pedagogy and technological resources of schools....
Follow these everyday workspace hygiene tips and specific tips for worksafe disinfection to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Onboarding doesn’t have to be dull and drawn out. The effective onboarding suggestions in this article will help improve new employee satisfaction and drive retention.
Over the years, enterprise device initiatives have evolved to meet user expectations and preferences. These are the most common approaches to business device ownership.
Effective endpoint management programs aim to reduce IT costs across BYOD, CYOD, and other programs. Learn more about key features to help reduce total cost of ownership here.
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