G+J Media: Enterprise Management Made Simple

FileWave streamlines managed and file-level distribution easing the burden of technology on this small IT team.

Powerhouse media company G+J Media, publisher of National Geographic, Vogue, Glamour, JAN, Designer-Vintage, Quest and Holland Herald for KLM, was in need of a powerful, reliable solution to their device management needs. With over 200 computers and nearly 100 mobile devices, and a very limited IT department, FileWave was the logical solution for their needs.

Previously, G+J Media found other MDM providers to be difficult to setup and scale. Being in the journalism industry means daily business is constantly changing, and having a reliable management solution is a must. Olaf de Jager, IT Manager for G+J Media, states that FileWave helps make normally difficult tasks, easy. “It was very easy to use the power of FileWave,” says de Jager when asked about usability. “We used Fileset Magic to rapidly deploy custom applications and department specific preferences and files. After only one day of training our staff was able to use all functionality and test and deploy applications.” Managed distribution and file-level distribution are some of the most valued FileWave features by G+J’s IT department, according to de Jager, who goes so far to exclaim, “Managed distribution rocks!” FileWave has taken the drudgery out of time consuming software updates and upgrades, allowing the IT department to focus on other more interesting and important aspects of their job.

“Anyone who is considering using MDM and managing multi-platform devices should seriously consider FileWave.” 

    - Olaf de Jager, IT Manager for G+J Media

For this IT department of only two employees, security, ease of use, cost savings, and scalability were important deciding factors for their team. G+J Media noted FileWave’s fast and effective support and knowledgeable help desk team as impactful, as well.

When asked to rank their experience with FileWave thus far, G+J gives FileWave 5 stars. “At first we were in doubt that the ROI would work out as promised, but after evaluating and now working for some years we are confident that this was the right investment for us,” explains de Jager. “Anyone who is considering using MDM and managing Multi-platform devices should seriously consider FileWave.”

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