TraveKom and FileWave Germany announce strategic partnership for Digitalization in Schools and Public Administration

  • TraveKom und FileWave signed a partnership agreement on February 16th 2021
  • Strategic alliance to support schools and the public sector in Germany with their digitalization efforts


Lübeck/Düsseldorf, March 25th 2021. The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the way of learning. Digital classrooms pose new challenges to the pedagogy and technological resources of schools. TraveKom, a service provider for digital solutions and subsidiary of Stadtwerke Lübeck Group, will work closely together with FileWave Germany to expand product offerings for schools and public administration in Germany with regards to technological support in digital learning.

The strategic partnership is for both companies, not limited to digitalization projects in the Hanseatic city but rather, is the beginning of future projects beyond the borders of Lübeck.

The cooperation between Filewave and TraveKom is unique because, on the one hand, FileWave has more than 25 years of experience in device management and, at the same time, TraveKom, as an experienced service provider, is committed to the digitization of schools and public administration.

“I am pleased to have found such a competent partner with outstanding digital expertise, which gives us direct access to customers in the public sector. This is just the beginning of a promising journey.”

Udo Wichert, Senior Director of the EMEA region at FileWave

At present, TraveKom and FileWave are successfully managing several thousand users with FileWave’s Endpoint Management solutions. The current focus is digitalization of schools in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state in Germany. Alongside numerous FileWave features, some are particularly relevant in the context of the Corona pandemic as well as for the sub-optimal internet connection in German schools. This includes, above all, managing devices with features such as the patented Fileset Technology, which functions in a particularly data-efficient manner for Home Office and e-learning environments.

This is how TraveKom and FileWave fulfil the technical requirements of managing devices in the education sector. Unlike many places in Germany where devices offered within the framework of “Digital Pact” for schools come without a device management solution, TraveKom is able to deploy devices paired with an Endpoint management software.

The increasing demand at TraveKom for a digital management solution for devices with different operating systems, software distribution automation, as well as Self-healing (automated patches) and customizable dashboards, makes this cooperation meaningful for both parties.

“The diverse possibilities that FileWave offers with its management solution make this cooperation extremely interesting for TraveKom. We want to offer an EdTech solution in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck that has exemplary character. With its extensive international experience, FileWave is the ideal partner for us to enter new markets locally and nationally.”

Christoph Schweizer, CEO at TraveKom

“The new partnership with TraveKom is a significant step forward in developing digitalization, especially for schools and public administration. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown how vital device management solutions are for both home office and e-learning,”

Nurdan Eris, CEO at FileWave


About TraveKom

TraveKom is a subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Group based in Lübeck. They are the digital service provider for the Hanseatic city and in the area beyond. Four product areas are part of the company’s core business. In the “Infrastructure” area, TraveKom uses hardware products for building smart cities and regions: from the LoRaWAN wireless network to server architecture for schools. The “Applications” area includes all relevant digital services: from the app for urban or communal offers to software that systematically collects data from wireless networks securely and merges them in a user-friendly manner. In the “knowledge” area, TraveKom focuses on people. Users from different professional groups are enabled to make optimal use of digital technologies. Employees with different skills work in the TraveKom team. The company cooperates with innovative start-ups, medium-sized and industrial companies as well as scientific institutions. Learn more at:

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