Improving Customer Support Outcomes Across Team Functions

Every FileWave customer has a dedicated Customer Success Representative to advocate for their needs and ensure their success. Read about the results in action.

FileWave is dedicated to supporting our customers with a full range of services, from successful migrations and training to ongoing health checks and optimization reviews. As part of that commitment, every FileWave customer has a dedicated Customer Success Representative to support their needs. These Representatives provide resources, assist with support ticket resolution, and help facilitate professional service opportunities. The net result? Faster resolutions for support tickets, more effective use of training and professional services, and more optimized client environments.

We like to think of our Customer Success Representatives as a personal “concierge” for our customers – a liaison to connect the customer with the right resource or FileWave team for their needs.

Improved Support Outcomes

IT environments are rarely alike. At FileWave our goal is to reduce complexity for IT admins. During deployment, our sales engineers work to ensure the customer’s set-up is optimized and supported with needed training. However, schedules get busy, IT teams experience turn over, and new needs arise. There are always going to be support requests. FileWave is committed to ensuring support tickets are attended to quickly and resolved successfully.

FileWave’s Customer Success Representatives are a customer’s best friend when it comes to support requests. Each dedicated representative is familiar with the customer’s environment, making them a great first stop in service requests. Going one step further, FileWave’s Customer Success team can even initiate the service request to save time for our customers. However, our Customer Success Representatives truly shine when it comes to helping to resolve support tickets quickly.

“The hard work and determination by the Customer Success team is one of the main reasons for switching to FileWave. Our Specialist has always been responsive and quick to assist.” – Israel De Leon, Network Technician III, San Antonio ISD

When a FileWave customer has an open support ticket, their Customer Success Representative is on alert. They ensure the ticket is being attended to quickly and will reach out personally if client feedback is needed. The goal is not just to close an inactive ticket, but to ensure our customers walk away happy with an effective resolution – every time.

A Partner For Success

FileWave Customer Success Representatives aren’t just here to help resolve support tickets, they want to help our customers succeed. With that goal in mind, clients receive regular communication sharing FileWave news, best practices, and various training opportunities. Customer Success Representatives will ensure that every user, especially new users, know how to access the FileWave Foundry for training materials and our Knowledge Base for updates and tips. They will even spot when some professional training would be the best fit for resolving issues, and preventing future ones

FileWave is continuously expanding our Professional Services offerings to meet the needs of our clients. We offer regular Health Check and Optimization services to find ways to improve your performance, training services, or even a helping-hand, providing as much (or as little) service as needed. From scripting to custom API solutions, our Customer Success Specialists often know when our clients could use a helping hand, saving hours, days, or even weeks deploying scripts or on migrations.

“FileWave is extremely proud to provide our customers with a team dedicated to their endpoint management success. Our Customer Success Representatives work hard to share the vast array of resources available for every FileWave customer to help enable those successes.” – Mary Shores, Customer Success Manager

Our Customer Success Representatives are committed to the success of our customers. Not just at renewal time. Not just when they call us. But each and every day. That’s the FileWave difference.

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