Apple WWDC 19 Updates

This year at WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled iOS 13, bringing a whole range of new features to the iPhone. Apple also previewed macOS Catalina and launched a new iPadOS.

Apple iOS 13

According to Craig Federighi, Appleā€™s senior vice president of software engineering, iOS 13 is a ā€œbig releaseā€ for iOS, iOS 13 brings in Dark Mode, new photo and map features, and Sign In with Apple, alongside significant performance improvements. From a productivity standpoint, we were pleased to see greater accuracy in text transcription, new QuickPatch shortcuts, and new data sharing options. Organizations should take the time to revamp data sharing policies to ensure they are up to date, which could include restricting download of data to USB devices.

Apple iOS 13 made large strides in privacy and security standards, restricting practices which allows third party applications to gather information about Apple users. For example, location sharing is no longer a blanket permission, but rather a permission granted at each instance of collection. Additional protections include prohibiting apps from using WiFi and Bluetooth to determine user location.

We are already working with the iOS 13 beta to ensure support for the new features. FileWave customers can rely on our 25+ years of Apple experience to manage the transition.

Sign In with Apple

Apple has introduced Sign In with Apple as part of the iOS 13 update, a new way for users to authenticate using their Apple ID rather than using a social account or email / password combination.

Apple gives consumers the option to further protect information supplied to third-party developers by supplying a unique random ID and an option to additionally supply a unique random email address.

This new authentication method will leverage two-factor authentication via Face ID and Touch ID. Unlike social authentication, Sign In with Apple will not profile users or activities in apps.


Now differentiated from iOS, the iPadOS is a fully independent operating system that recognizes the ā€œdistinctive experienceā€ of an iPad versus an iPhone. As many education and corporate clients are leveraging the iPadā€™s enhanced capabilities, we are excited to see how iPadOS will evolve.

In addition to the new capabilities of iOS 13, the first iPadOS build will include capabilities and features that take advantage of the larger display of the iPad, including a redesigned Home screen and greater multitasking capabilities. We are particularly excited about the potential of the new, user-friendly floating keyboard, which can be dragged around the screen.

For IT Departments not yet centrally managing endpoint devices, the separation of iOS and iPadOS could introduce new complexity to the management of devices. FileWave is eager to work with the beta release of iPadOS and iOS 13 to fully leverage the latest features and to help ease your transition within the familiarity of FileWave.

macOS Catalina Security

The latest macOS version, Catalina, includes new accessibility features, a workspace expansion feature with Sidecar, and new security features.

All Macs with the T2 Security Chip will now have more features with Activation Lock. As with iOS devices, the new Find My app will track a lost or stolen Mac – even when that device is offline or asleep.

Apple devices will now use Bluetooth beacon technology to allow nearby Mac users to detect the location of lost or missing devices and anonymously forward that information. As with the iPhone and iPad, lost or misplaced Macs can be erased or reactivated by the authorized user.

Apple Watch Updates

The Apple Watch saw many upgrades this week as well, including a new version of WatchOS and a dedicated App Store for third-party apps, which removes the requirement to have a companion app loaded onto an iPhone. The new release makes the Apple Watch a more independent product. Other feature releases focus heavily on health initiatives, folding in many health features that to-date have been offered by third-party developers.

New Upgrade for the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is seeing a much anticipated update, adding new hardware and software features that are geared toward video and audio production and other high needs Apple users. From adding wheels and new silent fans to greater RAM capabilities, a new display, and a new Intel Xeon processor, Mac Pro users are looking at a pretty steep price tag for the upgrade.

Here at FileWave, weā€™re already working on testing and integrating everything new Apple sent our way this week, with plans to have you fully set up with the best possible user experience when iOS 13, Catalina, and iPadOS are released this Fall.

Avoid the headaches that come along with OS updates – see what sets FileWave apart for your endpoint management needs.

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